Gangplank Sejuani Deck Guide

Hello everyone! Sorry here, back with another deck guide! Today I’ll be tackling one of the top meta decks in the Rise of the Underworlds that is perfect for late-season climbing – Gangplank Sejuani Plunder.

It is a midrange archetype that focuses on leveling up both your champions as soon as possible, both of which have the same level-up condition.

Early units like Crackshot Corsair or Jagged Butcher help push in damage early game. Spell cards like Warning Shot, Parrrley, and Make it Rain can be played to deal damage to the opponent’s Nexus on your defensive turn.

Monkey Idol summons a Powder Monkey at the start of each turn, these Ephemeral 2/1 tokens will deal guaranteed 1 damage to the opponent’s Nexus which will help progress the level-up condition of both your champions even if the board is stalled out and you can’t get any damage through.

The ideal – and very realistic – scenario is to level up both your champions on turn 6-7. From there you can leverage their Overwhelm keyword and unique abilities that make the deck formidably strong at that point.

A leveled-up Gangplank pushes in a ton of damage with his ability Powderful Explosion – especially if you have a Powder Keg out, removing opponent’s low health units off the board.

Sejuani’s ability allows you to Freeze your opponent’s whole side if you deal damage to the opponent’s Nexus, which is an easy requirement to accomplish with your deck. The ability to Freeze the board shuts down your opponent’s units and their trading potential completely.

The Dreadway is your key late-game unit that draws a Gangplank from your deck while also doubling the damage you deal with any sources, be it units or spells. With Dreadway, any damage you push onto the Nexus with your Overwhelm champions should be enough to close out the game, especially since the Gangplank you’ll tutor with The Dreadway will be leveled up at that point of the game.

Techs and Options

A board-clear that also deals damage to the opponent’s Nexus, advancing the level-up condition for both your champions. In the late game, it is another activator for Sejuani’s level 2 passive.

Summons a free Powder Keg that enhances your spells like Make it Rain, Ice Shard, or Monster Harpoon.

If you’re looking for more value, Pilfered Goods allows you to draw two cards from your opponent’s deck. With the Black Market Merchant on board, those cards’ costs will be reduced by 1 mana.

General Tips

  • Leveling up your champions is essential

The main goal of this deck is to level up both your champions as soon as possible. Gangplank and Sejuani put enormous pressure on your opponent with their unique abilities.

Playing Warning Shot, Parrrley, or Make it Rain on your defensive turn will accelerate the level-up condition of both champions. Often it’s worth playing these spells even if you’re not getting any additional value from them, apart from progressing the level-ups.

Additionally, keep close track of whether or not you’ve damaged the opponent’s Nexus on any given turn. You don’t want to throw away a precious direct damage card when you’ve already pinged your opponent for the turn.

  • Use Sejuani’s freeze effect efficiently

Sejuani is a great board control tool when she’s leveled up.

Ordering your units in combat is crucial. If, for example, you don’t have any cards to directly damage the Nexus, placing an Overwhelm or Elusive unit first to the left will allow you to trigger Sejuani’s effect, after which the rest of your units to survive the attack phase while your opponent will have to take losing trades.

Keep in mind that Sejuani’s ability can be triggered on the same turn she has leveled.

  • Don’t forget that Powder Kegs are Vulnerable

Gangplank is a solid champion to play early on even before he’s leveled.

However, keep in mind that when you play Gangplank he will summon a Powder Keg, and in this particular meta, you have to be very aware that Powder Kegs are Vulnerable.

If your opponent has a powerful Overwhelm unit on the board, like another Gangplank or a Ruin Runner, they will be able to challenge the Keg and push a lot of damage to your Nexus.

  • Be careful when playing The Dreadway

Although The Dreadway seems like a strong card to just play out on turn 8, sometimes your opponent can very efficiently remove it, or completely ignore it for the turn. Meanwhile, spending 8 mana on The Dreadway will leave you with little resources to work with. The opponent could take advantage of it by setting up for a solid attack that could potentially end the game.


Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant.

  • Sivir Akshan Zed relies on leveling up Sivir and pulling off their combo Flurry of Fists + Ghost to close out the game.
  • Your main objective is to turbo-level up your Sejuani with cards like Crackshot Corsair, Warning Shot, Make it Rain, and Parrrley.
  • Make sure you use your cards efficiently to damage their Nexus every turn. For example, Crackshot Corsair will deal 1 damage on your attacking turn, whereas, on your defense turn, you can play cards like Make it Rain or Warning Shot.
  • You can put a lot of pressure on your opponent with a leveled-up Gangplank, as they do not run any removal spells.
  • Sejuani can be played as a removal for either Sivir or Akshan thanks to the Vulnerable keyword she grants.
  • Once Sejuani is leveled up it’ll extremely difficult for your opponent to take her out. Make sure to always have burst speed activators for er effect to freeze the board after your opponent’s attack has been declared.
  • You might opt to not attack with Sejuani in some cases if you feel your opponent could potentially remove her even after you freeze the board. Sejuani acts as our protection card against the Flurry of Fists + Ghost combo.

Mulligan for: Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grifter.

  • Shen Jarvan relies on dominating the board with their units and using Barriers to take favorable trades.
  • We have cards like Make it Rain to remove the Barriers.
  • Monster Harpoon is usually saved for either Shen, Screeching Dragon, or Jarvan IV.
  • Once you’ve leveled up your Sejuani you will be able to take over thanks to her Freeze ability. Freezing the whole board allows you to take value trades, which is pretty much a nightmare for Shen Jarvan decks. Keeping Sejuani alive is essential to keep control of the game.
  • Gangplank and The Dreadway can serve as your finishers, the double damage from The Dreadway along with Gangplank’s damage ability and Overwhelm keyword can put your opponent under immense pressure.
  • On top of that Gangplank’s damage ability will also remove Barriers.
  • Watch out for Golden Aegis, if your opponent has a good board and 4 mana, expect them to attempt a Rally on that turn.

Mulligan for: Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grifter, Make it Rain, Sejuani.

  • Your early game objective is to block and remove all the early Lurkers before they swarm the board.
  • Make it Rain combined with a Powder Keg can potentially remove multiple of their low-health Lurkers. A Lurk deck does not run spells that can remove your Powder Keg aside from Bone Skewer – and they are extremely unlikely to spend it on a Powder Keg.
  • Their biggest threat is Death from Below, the Pyke spell. They will most likely save it to play on one of your champions. Sejuani probably will be their main target.
  • Once Sejuani is leveled up you can shut down opponent’s Lurk units completely. Sejuani’s Freeze ability can also stop Jaull-fish from removing your board with the Strike ability it provides to other Lurkers on the board.
  • A leveled-up Gangplank along with a Sejuani are capable of pushing a lot of damage with their Overwhelm keyword. Sejuani’s board freeze will make it impossible for your opponent to kill your champions.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grifter, and Monkey Idol.

  • Push early damage with your units while also working towards leveling up your champions.
  • All of TF Swain’s early units have less than 3 health. Powder Kegs can be combined with Make it Rain to remove your opponent’s low health units.
  • Opponent uses Kegs as well, watch out not to overextend if you suspect that your opponent is setting up for a Dreadway Deckhand + Twisted Fate’s Red Card.
  • Watch out for Swain – Yordle Grifter is the only early unit you have that can block a Fearsome unit.
  • Your opponent does not run any healing in the deck, pushing damage early on will pave the way to close out the game with a leveled-up Gangplank.
  • Back Market Merchant and Yordle Grifter could potentially Nab cards that will be very useful in this matchup. Scorched Earth or even The Leviathan are two cards you’re happy to steal.
  • If your level 2 Gangplank is damaged, it’s wise to open-attack and trigger Gangplank’s ability immediately before your opponent kills off Gangplank with Ravenous Flock or Scorched Earth.
  • Your opponent will try to stun-lock your board with Swain and The Leviathan. It’ll be difficult for you to remove an 8-health Leviathan off the board. You need to put pressure on your opponent and make it difficult for them to find a window and stick both of their threats to the board.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grifter.

  • Focus on pushing early damage with your units like Crackshot Corsair, Jagged Butcher, and Black Market Merchant. Your opponent does not run any healing cards, so every bit of damage will stick.
  • Monster Harpoon is usually saved to deal with an early Ezreal to prevent your opponent from generating a Mystic Shot. Draven is another priority target, especially if you feeling like you’re falling behind on tempo.
  • Make it Rain and Parrrley can remove units like Boom Baboon or Thorn of the Rose. Your opponent does not run any health buffs so it’s safe to play Parrrley on those units and the damage to the Nexus will go through guaranteed.
  • Keep track of the number of 3-mana cards your opponent has played throughout the game and prepare for the possibility of Tri-beam Improbulator.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grfiter.

  • Similar to the Sivir Akshan Ionia matchup, your objective is to turbo-level your Sejuani.
  • A leveled up Sejuani can shut down your opponent attack attempts, allowing you to take favorable trades.
  • Be wary when attacking or blocking with Sejuani, your opponent can buff up their units attack power even if you’ve frozen it.
  • Unlike the Ionia version, the Demacia version runs removal cards like Single Combat, Concerted Strike, and Cataclysm. Keeping Sejuani safe from those removal cards is your top priority.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Jagged Butcher, Black Market Merchant.

  • In this matchup, you’re focusing on simply preserving your health. Your plan to level-up your champions is not as important as preventing as much early damage as possible.
  • Your opponent will try to swarm the board with early units, try to keep up with their early aggression. Trading your Crackshot Corsair or Black Market Merchant is totally fine.
  • Make it Rain can be a solid spell to remove your opponent’s low health units, like Legion Saboteur.
  • If your opponent played Gangplank on their attacking turn – do not play your own Gangplank as a response. They’ll be able to challenge your Powder Keg summoned by Gangplank and will push in damage with their Overwhelm champion. (If you’re planning to play Monster Harpoon to remove their Gangplank then it’s totally fine to play your GP).
  • Monster Harpoon is a solid answer for your opponent’s Gangplank if he’s yet to level. You can remove a leveled Gangplank by buffing the damage of Monster Harpoon with a Powder Keg.
  • Sejuani can act as a removal unit but her level-up ability will rarely get you any value in this matchup. By the time you’ve played and leveled Sejuani, your opponent already pushed their early damage and now have shifted to closing out the game with their burn spells like Noxian Fervor and Decimate.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Black Market Merchant, Yordle Grifter, Sejuani.

  • Play aggressively, you need to push as much damage as you can before your opponent can one-shot you with Lee Sin.
  • Eye of the Dragon can shut down your early game, but later on a leveled-up Gangplank will delete Dragonlings with his ability to prevent the healing.
  • Leveling up Sejuani can save you from the Lee Sin one-shot combo by freezing the whole board. Your opponent can play around your Sejuani’s ability by casting Hush preventively.
  • Three Sisters into Flash Freeze can also save you from the one-shot Lee Sin combo.
  • Your opponent does not run any burn cards, so after you’ve survived an attack turn you’ll be safe until your opponent’s next attacking turn.

Mulligan for: Crackshot Corsair, Yordle Grifter, Black Market Merchant, Gangplank. You can keep The Dreadway in hand.

  • Push as much damage as you can without losing your whole board to AOE removal.
  • Cards like Avalanche, Blighted Ravine, and Withering Wail can remove your board and shut down your attack turn.
  • Gangplank is your star in this matchup, once he’s leveled he’ll be able to push a lot of damage onto the opponent’s Nexus.
  • Black Market Merchant and Yordle Grifter can Nab important cards like Harrowing from your opponent’s deck.
  • Watch out for The Ruination, if your opponent is holding on 9 mana, it could possibly be that they’re waiting for you to develop more units before they wipe the whole board.

Closing Words

Gangplank Sejuani is currently one of the strongest decks in the meta, it’s been played competitively on the ladder for weeks, and it is proven itself as a solid deck in a tournament lineup.

Its ability to shut down popular meta decks is what makes it such a good choice for climbing. If you’re looking for a deck that is solid in the current competitive atmosphere, Gangplank Sejuani is a solid late-season pick-up!

Thanks for reading! If you want to keep up with me personally please consider following me on Twitter.


My name is Alaa, better known as Sorry or TricksterSorry. Legends of Runeterra competitive player, I enjoy playing tournaments and competing against top players.

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