Galio Reveal: The Colossus Brings Formidable to Demacia

Galio is the new Demacia champion in the A Curious Journey expansion. Bringing a whole new flavour of stony midrange to Legends of Runeterra.

The second Champion coming to Legends of Runeterra is Galio. Yesterday’s reveals have shown us the first Demacia cards in the entire Bandle City expansion, and gave us the new keyword Formidable. Galio, and all of these new cards will enter Legends of Runeterra on February 16th.

You can see Galio swoop in on the official reveal video right here.

Galio works as the top end of the Formidable midrange deck. His artwork depicting him as the leader of some sort of Petricite superhero team is already putting him as a flavour favourite.

The pump to Health will help any Formidable lineup and any deck that wants to block profitably against relentless attacks. Levelling up feels similar in condition to Aurelion Sol, but the payoff for levelling up is immense. His Rally condition reminds us of level 2 Lucian, and feels like an equally easy requirement to meet alongside Petricite Broadwing.

The Formidable Keyword means that a Unit strikes with its health, not it’s power. Though this means that them taking damage effectively makes their striking power less, this also means that they don’t suffer the effects of a Frostbite. Fearsome units are incredibly scary though, and will slip past most things that have Formidable.

Galio’s Champ Spell is Shield of Durand. Granting +0/+5 over two rounds will significantly help your Formidable units the staying power they need, especially when working for the Galio level up.

The supporting cards have a very unique take, bringing measurable power to Formidable. Winds of War brings respectable healing and another Single Combat style effect to Demacia.

Following the tradition of Wounded Whiteflame, putting the new keyword on a Dragon really brings added power to possible midrange. Mountain Drake is the brick wall that the Formidable deck needs in it’s mid game.

A late-game Gorlith the Unscalable is useful in two ways. Played when you’re ahead on Nexus Health, and he becomes an immense beat stick that they have to answer. If your health is low, then he heals you to half health and you can begin to stabilise.

Galio and all the other new Demacia cards are ready in the RuneterraCCG Deckbuilder right now. A Curious Journey reveal season is heating up and we will cover the new champions with great excitement. Keep a look out for the Galio theorycraft article and the first brews in the of the new season right here on RuneterraCCG.


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