Freshlobster’s Quick Guide to: Renekton Sivir Overwhelms

Freshlobster is here, presenting a deck pioneered by RickoRex, who managed to climb to #1 EU with it about a week ago.

Heya, freshlobster here! Welcome to my first article on RuneterraCCG, combining a written deck guide with a video guide & some spicy gameplay examples

Today we’ll be taking a look at Renekton Sivir Overwhelms – a deck that was pioneered by RickoRex who managed to climb to #1 on the European ladder with it about a week ago. Overwhelms have been falling in and out of the meta since their release and are now back in full force!

To help out with strategic pointers and explain some tech choices, I even got some quality advice from the legendary Overwhelm one-trick RickoRex himself!

General Gameplan

Play on curve and bash some faces in! We play a board-centric aggressive midrange deck that combines a lot of well-statted units with Freljord’s protective combat tricks and Shurima’s Vulnerable synergies and keywords.

We usually want to spend our mana to develop units and snowball a board lead in the early game. Cards like Rock Hopper and Merciless Hunter allow us to dictate the flow of combat and give us value trades by granting key enemy units Vulnerable. At the same time, we can protect or enhance our units through cards like Troll Chant, Shaped Stone, Exhaust, or Omen Hawk.

In the mid-game, we want to develop one of our powerful champions, Renekton or Sivir, and make use of their sweet Vulnerable synergies right away. Either chunk some Nexus damage with the crazy croc or take out a unit for free while Sivir is protected by her Quick Attack and Spellshield.

Then, keep an eye out for an explosive finish around turns 6-8! We can often get an insane development turn due to our Ancient Yetis having gotten some Black Friday discounts and support our next open attack with Battle Fury or Three Sisters into Entombing their unit that blocks our Overwhelm threat.

At that time, our units will also often be protected by a shared Sivir Spellshield. Should that still not be enough, we play some Thrumming Swarms, Alpha Wildclaws, and Ruin Runners to keep the pressure rolling.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make use of Merciless Hunter’s Fearsome keyword!
    Since the meta is quite Bandle-infested, we will often face a lot of 1-2 attack blockers. Often times you can ensure direct Nexus hits by either giving stronger blockers Vulnerable and pulling them aside (e.g. with Overwhelms) or by pre commiting Exhaust or Troll Chant to reduce the blocker’s attack.
  • Positioning matters a lot!
    Especially when attacking with Sivir or against Lifesteal units, take some time and make sure your attack is lined up optimally.
    • As a rule of thumb: If Sivir levels mid-attack, place her to the left to share Quick Attack with as many units as possible. If Sivir is already leveled, place her to the right so that if she dies against a block, the other units will still be able to get value from her shared keywords.
    • Pull your opponent’s Lifesteal units to the far right, unless your opponent is at 20hp and would overheal – then pull them to the far left.
  • Always know if you try to outrace or outgrind your opponent and play accordingly!


  • Vs Aggro
    Look for as many 1 drops & 2 drops as possible and Exhaust. Merciless Hunter – if you really need to remove a specific threat. Troll Chant and Shaped Stone – in some matchups (e.g. vs Zed Poppy, Troll Chant is great to block against Quick Attack).
  • Vs Midrange, Control & Combo
    Look for a good 1-2-3-4 curve. Ancient Yeti is a keep most of the time. Keep in mind that Treasure Seeker into Waking Sands can really help smoothen out your curve, especially if paired with a Vulnerable effect. You can keep matchup specific combat tricks or removal if you already have some early units.

Tech Choices

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what you think of this quick guide + video format and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Any constructive feedback helps a lot!


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