Poro Pride Emote

Free Rainbow Poro Guardian and Poro Pride Emote with Patch 1.2

The new Rainbow Poro Guardian and accompanying Poro Pride Emote will be available for free to all players until July 7, 2020 inline with the ongoing promotion over at League of Legends! Once the latest patch 1.2 hits the servers (on May 27, at around 10 AM PT), you can head straight to the in-game store and “purchase” the bundle for 0 Coins.

Rainbow Poro Guardian

  • Personality: Accepting
  • Loves: Love
  • Rainbow Poros are known for having the biggest hearts and brightest colors in all of Runeterra.
Rainbow Poro Guardian
Rainbow Poro Guardian 2
Rainbow Poro Guardian Animation

Poro Pride Emote

Poro Pride Emote Animation
Poro Pride Emote
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