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Forces from Beyond July 15, 2022 Spoilers (Includes Gwen Early Leak)

Legends of Runeterra’s latest expansion, Forces from Beyond, arrives on July 20th, 2022! From July 13 to July 19, new cards will be revealed at around 9 AM PST. This page aims to list the new cards only for the day, and we will follow up with more detailed content afterwards.

Gwen Early Leak

Gwen’s trailer was inadvertently leaked on YouTube by the official Legends of Runeterra channels, which is set to premiere for tomorrow’s reveals. Below is the rough translation by L3G10N_TBY on reddit:

  • New keyword – Hallowed: After I die, for the rest of the game, when allies attack, your first attacking unit [leftmost I guess] gets a +1/+0 as a hallowed [idk what “as a hallowed” part means, maybe its here to make gwen’s text more sense]
  • Gwen: Attack: When another ally gets hallowed power buff, I gain it as well. Drain 2 from the enemy nexus.
    Level up: I’ve dealt +10 damage
  • Gwen level 2: Attack: When another ally gets hallowed power buff, I gain it as well. For every 2 power I have, drain 1 from the enemy nexus
  • Champion spell: Kill an ally and deal equal damage as its power to an enemy [Atrocity but for enemy units]
  • 3 mana burst: Create 2 copies of allied followers that have died this game
  • 6 mana follower (eternal dancers) : Attack: Revive an attacking ephemeral copy of the strongest dead allied unit that is not eternal dancers, and set its power to equal or lower than me [It doesn’t have “set its power” in the text, but idk how to translate that part. I think this captures what the card does. It could be the case that it only revives units that have less power than eternal dancers, but wording is a bit unnatural for that]
  • 3 mana slow is self explanatory, it summons 2 copies of the 2 1 ephemeral hallowed

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