Fizz Yuumi Combo: Papercraft Strikes Again!

This is arguably the most mischievous way to play Papercraft Dragon - just Attach it to Fizz!
  • Origins

During one of my streams, a viewer that goes by the name UnhelpfulYoda decided to be helpful and shared a homebrew deck they made. Fast forward to today – based on their concept, I will be featuring this Fizz Yuumi Papercraft deck!

With the release of A Curious Journey expansion, we’ve got access to a couple of sweet new tools for combo decks. One of those is the Papercraft Dragon which has proved its efficiency in the way it can set up for a potential OTK.

As for Yuumi, she is yet to really find a home – outside of the design-intended Pantheon pairing, where she does shine. Fizz Yuumi is another attempt to make use of her Attach keyword – synergizing with Elusive and Overwhelm.

Initially, Fizz Yuumi was built with Starlit Seer, which is still the more popular version of this archetype, but UnhelpfulYoda opted to put Papercraft Dragon and Flamespitter to use while cutting Seer completely from the deck.

  • Gameplan

Fizz Yuumi Freljord is a combo deck that relies on either Elusive or Overwhelm units to set up a powerful attack and close out the game.

Early on in you’ll try and keep the game stabilized with cheap units like Loping Telescope and Conchologist that also offer a ton of value. Gleaming Lantern acts as your tempo accelerator, allowing you to play Fae units for a cheaper price. This comes in handy when playing your Attach units, Yuumi or Papercraft Dragon.

So what are the Attach targets? Fizz is perfect for Yuumi or Papercraft Dragon. Yuumi is more of a win condition that needs some time to get going – it’ll take you a couple of turns until your unit is buffed up to a threatening state.

However, Papercraft Dragon presents an immediate menacing threat thanks to the Double Attack keyword it grants, which will allow you to start pushing an insane amount of damage.

Do not fret if you don’t draw Fizz or if he ends up dying! The Attach unit will go back to your hand and the list runs other options to use as a win condition. Ruthless Raider, Tusk Speaker, and Ancient Yeti are all cheap Overwhelm units that can benefit from the buffs Yuumi and Papercraft Dragon provide.

Flamespitter, Fury of the North, and Battle Fury are all power buffs to help squeeze the additional damage you need to close out the game. Now combined with Papercraft Dragon’s Double Attack you’ll be able to slam the opponent’s Nexus with immense force!

As for the protection tools, Three Sisters, Troll Chant, and Friendship! are all great protective spells to make sure our combo setup isn’t interrupted.

  • Verdict

If you’re looking for a fun combo-oriented archetype with Yuumi involved – this is the deck for you! I’ve taken it on a test run on the competitive ladder and it held its own. The popular decks in the current meta don’t run reliable removal to deal with a unit you;ve buffed up.

If you end up facing Noxus decks that run many removal cards (Swain Gnar or Ezreal Caitlyn), you’ll need to focus your win condition solely on Fizz – a champion capable of countering those removal spells.

However, Darkness is most likely the biggest threat you’ll meet as they run multiple heavy answers from Vengeance to Minimorph that are capable of shutting down the play you’ve set up.

If you’d rather play the Starlit Seer version which focuses on buffing up an Elusive unit and set it up as a win condition, I recommend trying out this list!


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