Fizz Lulu Chompers – Freshlobster’s Quick Guide

Today Freshlobster is taking a look at the new Yordles deck - fresh out of the oven but already tearing up the ladder as well as the tournament circuit!

Heya, freshlobster here with another combination of a written guide & some gameplay examples!

Today we’re taking a look at Fizz Lulu Chompers – a hot list fresh out of the oven that is currently tearing up the ladder as well as the tournament circuit!

Although not a lot of data has been gathered on this archetype yet, it’s competing for the highest win rate in Masters ladder and has already racked up a couple of tournament wins due to being a well-rounded and versatile tempo deck.

Fizz Lulu Chompers created by freshlobster • last updated 2 years ago

General Gameplan

This deck is centered around 3 “unfair” synergies:

  1. The Lulu + Flame Chompers! interaction. It allows us to take out a key unit on our opponent’s side with every attack from turn 3 onwards (at basically no tempo loss).
  2. The Yordle Captain synergy with Bandle City’s board swarm as well as PnZ’s Flame Chompers! and Daring Poros. The difference between a 0/2 Challenger and a 1/3 Challenger is enormous. And the same can be said for all of the cheap Elusives and mana-efficient units we play.
  3. Yordles in Arms. It’s super easy to build a wide board with this deck, and even refill it if it gets removed by AoE or Challengers. We can often get a +4/+4 Yordles in Arms on a full board as early as turn 5. It’s especially unfair if we juice up our Elusive units (Daring Poros or Fizz). And even if that would not close out the game on the spot, we still force our opponent to block with all their units or use their key removal while still taking tons of Nexus damage.

In case these synergies were not enough to end the game on their own, we can go over the top with our Nexus burn damage in form of Get Excited!, Mystic Shot, and Pokey Stick. Keep in mind that these can also be great tools to remove our opponent’s key threats (like Miss Fortune) or other pesky blockers.

Furthermore, the deck has a couple of ways to ensure that we don’t run out of threats. Zaunite Urchin and Pokey Stick allow us to cycle through our deck, while Loping Telescope and Scrapheap can find some insane power cards. Mecha-Yordles like Trumpetecher or Professor von Mech can help us either snowball our lead or find value if we run out of steam. And even Bomber Twins will pull some high utility landmarks every now and then (worst-case scenario, they’re Discard fodder. I’m talking about you, Ripper’s Bay).

Tips & Tricks

  • Set up your Combos and Power Spikes!
    It’s often good to be a bit patient and not immediately discard all of your Flame Chompers! as soon as possible, but wait until Yordle Captain comes online to grant some juicy buffs, or until Lulu can start controlling the board.
  • Think about how reckless you can be with your small units!
    If your hand consists of tons of refill, you can just throw them into the fray to make board space for the other cards in your hand. But if you have limited resources, you might want to be a bit more conservative to have more targets for a Yordles in Arms buff later on. This also depends on the current matchup dynamic – whether you’re trying to outrace or outvalue your opponent.
  • Play to your outs!
    Since the deck is dependent on plenty of intricate combos, it can also just brick sometimes. In those cases, think about which card(s) you can draw that can still win you the game before your opponent stabilizes. And then play as if you would draw them! That can mean setting up for a Yordles in Arms that you’re not holding yet, or swinging in recklessly to get your opponent into Nexus burn range, or having to hope for some crazy Scrapheap or Loping Telescope pull.


  • Vs Aggro
    The most important finds are 1 mana units and Poro Cannon, then 2 mana units and matchup specific removal for the opponent’s biggest threats. If we have a turn 1 play, we can keep a Lulu (even against Burn decks).
  • Vs Midrange, Control & Combo
    The mulligan against slower decks is much more nuanced and matchup dependent. Generally speaking, we want to find intrinsic combos (like Zaunite Urchin/Poro Cannon with Flame Chompers!/Boom Baboon) and we want to focus on the “unfair synergies” that our opponent’s deck struggles dealing with the most.
    Lulu + Flame Chompers! is good in any matchup. Yordle Captain can be a great keep if we try to outvalue our opponent, or if they play tons of AoE removal. And if they lack early game and removal, we just try to swarm the board early with lots of little threats and chip your opponent down.

Tech Choices

Thanks for reading and good luck on your climb!

Let me know what you think of this guide + video format and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Any constructive feedback helps a lot!


With a background in live Poker, freshlobster got into LoR at the start of the Corona pandemic. After starting out as solely a competitive player & tournament grinder, he has since expanded to content creation on Twitch and YouTube, shoutcasting, coaching, social media and writing - always trying to merge the educational & competitive side of LoR with fun & entertainment.

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