Fizz Aphelios Double Attack Combo

Fizz with Papercraft Dragon is a well-known and powerful combo. Sorry introduces you to a new variant by Drisoth, that brings the newly-buffed Aphelios into the mix!

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Hey there, Sorry here! In today’s deck of the day, I’ll feature Fizz Aphelios Bandle City Targon which is currently a well-performing deck under the radar!

The deck resembles the Fizz Yuumi archetype that relies on Papercraft Dragon to boost up the damage potential of Fizz, but the old Yuumi deck never really performed as well as players hoped it would.

That is until Drisoth decided to give the archetype another shot, but with a different approach from the old attempts. The new approach leans more towards a board swarm gameplay while adding Aphelios instead of Yuumi which offers a variety of Moon Weapons value! I saw Ultraman have success with the archetype on the competitive ladder so I took his list to showcase it and I’ll talk more in detail about it!

The recent buff to Aphelios’ Moon Weapons made him the perfect addition to the deck, now the Moon Weapons don’t really slow down the deck’s gameplay, in fact, each one of them can come in handy depending on the scenario.

  • Gameplay:

In the Mulligan phase, you’ll primarily be looking for Gleaming Lantern, Fizz, and Aphelios, Papercraft Dragon can also be a keep to combo it with your Fizz.

Early game you have the ability to go wide on the board with Yordle Squire, Grandfather Fae, and the assistance of Gleaming Lantern.

Moreover, Gleaming Lantern doesn’t only play a role in going wide on the board but also allows you to play a cheaper Papercraft Dragon, which is useful if you need the additional mana to set up your lethal play.

Let’s talk more about Papercraft Dragon, the double attack keyword it provides can turn into a deadly force if played on Fizz, which allows you to push Elusive damage. Additionally, you can empower your Fizz’s double attack with a Flame Splitter, the 2 additional damage will turn to 4 along with the impact damage will be a total of 6 damage directly to the Nexus!

Fae Sprout can find the right card for a specific scenario, you can potentially find Papercraft Dragon or Rainbowfish off of Fae Sprout to set up a win condition with it.

Although Fizz + Papercraft Dragon is the archetype’s win condition, your ability to swarm the board is in itself putting board pressure on your opponent, allowing you to push Nexus damage with your units and threaten to destroy the opponent’sNexus.

Aphelios acts as a value engine with the Moon Weapons he creates, the fact that you run a lot of cheap cards allows you to create another Moon Weapon relatively easily. Both Crescendum and Calibrum allow you to take over the board, Calibrum also comes in handy to pick off elusive units which pave the way for your Fizz to double slap the opponent’s Nexus.

  • Verdict:

Fizz Aphelios seems to be holding its own on the competitive ladder, here are a couple of games of my run with the deck.

The fact that Minimorph is nonexistent and Hush isn’t extremely popular in Targon decks means that Fizz can turn into a nuisance and will be difficult to deal with.

The Archetype performs well in both Ezreal Caitlyn and Mono Shurima, two decks that are popular on the competitive ladder. It does though struggle into Viktor aggressive decks mainly because you can’t interrupt their aggressive combo play with Ambush or big Overwhelm unit. The 1 teched Hush is mainly to stop your opponent from ending the game with a buffed-up Riven or Viktor, buying you additional time to try and close out a game.

I think the deck has potential, multiple players have used it for their ladder climb and, at the same time, it is being included in tournament lineups as well!


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