Fiora Yuumi: Trying to Make Fiora Great Again

It's been a while since Fiora has been an actual threat in the meta - Sera Strategy wanted to see if Yuumi could try and amend that.
  • Origins

With the release of the Curious Journey expansion, a lot of people hoped the introduction of new cards like Yuumi, Durand Protege, and Shield of Durand would help bring Fiora back into the spotlight.

She has been struggling ever since she was reduced to 2 health, and became a difficult card to play on-curve. Fiora’s vulnerability to cheap removal has caused her fans to give up playing the dauntless duelist.

I wanted to turn it around and see just what Fiora could do with Yuumi and the brand new support cards that help her survive. Can we give the Grand Duelist a fighting chance?

  • Gameplan

The core of your gameplan revolves around your key units: Fleetfeather Tracker, Assistant Librarian, and Fiora herself.

Ideally, you want to attach Quick Quill to your Fleetfeather Tracker or Assistant Librarian, saving Yuumi for Fiora. The attached units power up their targets with increased stats and help your Challengers safely remove your opponent’s threats.

Once your key units are in play you can take advantage of Durand Protege and your combat tricks such as Shield of Durand or Friendship! to keep them dueling. Use Pokey Stick to remove opponent Barriers or gain the reach necessary to safely Quick Attack. Try to reserve your spell mana so that you have a response to enemy removal – although Minimorph is impossible to stop.

As you poke holes in your opponent’s strategy with your daring duelists, let Fiora take as many kills on enemy units as possible. Look to use Golden Aegis on Fiora to push her closer towards ending the game.

When paired with Quick Quill you can get amazing value from attacking with Assistant Librarian. As your opponent attempts to remove her, she only gets stronger when you respond with your own combat tricks thanks to her Fated keyword. Brightsteel Protector and Durand Protege also activate Fated, so this little mouse can become very powerful.

You will be playing a narrow-but-durable board strategy. You need to block early and often, using your combat tricks to out-value your opponent and make them afraid of Fioras. It’s okay to give up your Durand Protege or Brightsteel Protector in trades if the situation calls for it.

During mulligan, your key units are Fleetfeather Tracker, Quick Quill, Assistant Librarian, Fiora, and Yuumi. Against a fast opponent you will need to look for your Fleethfeather into Brightsteel Protector turn 1 and 2 combo, helping your chances of surviving. Slower opponents can be set back with Fleetfeather into Assistant Librarian by letting her get an early Nexus Strike and card draw for you.

  • Verdict

After testing this deck over many games, with different ratios of support cards, and even trying cards like Petricite Stag, I could only come to one conclusion: even with the arrival of the Attach, Fiora remains weak until she is reworked or is at least given back 3rd point pf health.

If she is your favorite champion and you want to try your hand at this deck you can have a lot of fun with it, but don’t expect to climb in Ranked easily. I averaged about a 46% win rate in Gold.

If you like the concept of the deck and just want to make it stronger, the easiest way is to actually just remove Fiora from it and replace her with Petricite Broadwing, because unfortunately, it is just a better card than her. I did consider taking Yuumi into her Targon side instead of Bandle City, but you would lose access to Quick Quill, Pokey Stick, and Friendship! which acts as a more versatile Bastion in this deck.

I hate to end on a downer, but maybe you the reader can take this decklist as a starting point and make an even better one where Fiora can truly shine again.

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