Feel The Rush Deck Guide and Matchups – Beyond the Bandlewood – October 2021

Hello everyone! DragonGuy here, and I welcome you today to a fully updated deck guide for Feel The Rush, an older archetype that has been making a comeback. While it has been seeing some play since the release of Beyond the Bandlewood, this deck has seen a sizable increase in play rate due to the success it brought Szychu in the Worlds tournament.

Freljord Shadow Isles Control has always been known as one of the premier control pairings in Legends of Runeterra. This is in large part due its amazing control tools: A multitude of lower cost board clears, single target hard removal, Nexus healing, ramp, and game-ending cards to top their curve.

While powerful, Feel The Rush had fallen off as an archetype due to decks that were strong against it rising to prominence, such as Azir Irelia, Trundle Lissandra Control (TLC), and decks with Deny. In recent times however, these bad matchups have since been nerfed and a lot of go-wide burn decks have been on the rise, which Feel The Rush has a much better matchup against. With the faster metagame, Deny decks are also on the decline, leading to less decks having direct answers for Feel The Rush itself!


Game Plan


The goal of this deck is to slow down the game enough to allow you to drop a late game threat and push through for lethal damage. In order to get to your powerful late game, you need to survive the early game stages when you are weaker. Fortunately, this deck has many tools for surviving, and recovering HP from early damage.

In the early to mid-game, you want to play reactively, letting your opponent make the first move and responding to their plays afterwards. Passing with this deck is imperative to success. Generally speaking, you should be open passing and forcing the opponent to make the first move, or risk burning their mana. You can also attack with your early units to pass priority and deal minor chip damage, while also putting the opponent in the same position. Since we have the stronger late game, we are perfectly fine burning mana early if it means our opponents do not develop their board.

Always consider how strong your opponent’s board is, and if it is threatening enough that you need to answer it. If it is not, then it is often better to pass, let the opponent deploy more resources, then answer, or force them to burn mana. By passing and forcing the opponent to make the first move, it makes our many board-wide damage spells far more effective as it allows them to hit more targets and get more value.

It is also important that you are planning out your turns to bank mana for your big spells. You will need to fully bank mana for Feel The Rush when you get to mana gem 9, so try and plan out your mana so that you will be able to drop it on curve and take over the game. This deck also runs a copy of The Ruination, and having mana to cast it earlier can help you quickly wipe out a threatening board. However, don’t feel you absolutely need to bank for Feel The Rush all the time. If you are under a lot of pressure and need to tap below to deal with a threat, then you should.

Once you get to the later stages of the game, you are looking to play Feel The Rush, then quickly end the game. Playing Feel The Rush can be risky, as you completely tap out of all interaction, giving the opponent free reign to develop. It is often better to play this on your turn, as this gives your opponent only one action to respond before you can attack them. However, sometimes you will play it on your opponent’s turn. This lets you play Ice Pillar before attacking on your next attack token to level Trundle, or even just open attack to play around cards like Arachnoid Sentry. With Ice pillar’s vulnerable, it’s important to decide whether you want to kill the vulnerable unit, or drag it to the side to push for more damage. If you are able to push for lethal, or put the opponent into Atrocity range, it is usually better to drag the unit to the side.

Mulligan Guide

Against more aggressive decks, you want to keep your early units like Avarosan Sentry and Kindly Tavernkeeper, as well as your board clear spells. Depending on how fast the opponent’s deck is, you may or may not keep Trundle.

Against other slow decks, you don’t care as much about your early game as you do about accelerating your end game. Look for Catalyst of Aeons for ramp, and you can keep Trundle to apply some pressure and try to level him before deploying Feel The Rush.

For tech cards, you want to keep Despair in matchups where there are priority units you need to kill, such as Lee Sin and Nami. The Ruination can be a great board reset against certain decks that play heavily to the board, but is not that effective against faster aggro strategies.

Finally, you should never keep Tryndamere in mulligan. He does not help you early in the game, and you usually only want to get him off of Feel The Rush.


Nami Zoe: 55-60% (Slightly Favored to Favored)

Mulligan for: Despair, Vengeance, The Ruination

  • Your priority targets for this deck are Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly. You should prioritize removing them, and save kill spells for them if you are able. Despair is a great answer for them, and you should save it for them.
  • Nami Zoe has a terrible time playing against The Ruination since it completely resets the board, and most lists don’t run Bastion to respond to it.
  • Your units won’t be able to block their elusives, so unless there is a large Sparklefly or small units from Double Trouble, it is usually correct to swing on your turn, especially if it can put key units into removal range.
  • Pale Cascade and Sunblessed Vigor can protect individual units, but they have trouble saving multiple units at once from our various board clear effects with Nami or Fleet Admiral Shelly.
  • Their deck runs Hush, giving them a way to weaken and kill our champions after a Feel The Rush, but otherwise they don’t have good answers to your win condition.
  • Levelling Trundle is also good for this matchup, as it can allow you to utilize him to remove a buffed elusive unit, and they don’t have a good way to remove Trundle before he can level.
  • Try to keep track of what spells you cast, as Spell Thief can be used to create a copy of one of them in their hand. This can also be done if the spell is on the stack, so be very mindful when going for Atrocity.
  • This deck has a little out of combat healing through Guiding Touch, but the majority comes from a buffed Sparklefly. If you are able to get them low, you can use Atrocity to push the last bit of damage before Sparklefly can heal it back.

Ping City/TF GP Bandle: 55-60% (Slightly Favored)

Mulligan for: Avalanche, Blighted Ravine, Trundle, Kindly Tavernkeeper

  • Their deck is looking to race you down, and slowly ping you to level Gangplank.
  • Be willing to take unfavorable trades to stop level up procs for Gangplank. Slowing down his level up early can limit their damage output on later turns.
  • This deck has a few early units that can survive our board wipes like Stone Stackers and Lecturing Yordle, but otherwise their units are susceptible to our board clears.
  • You should not remove Twisted Fate if he is not close to levelling, as his gold card is one of the few ways they can survive a Feel The Rush turn.
  • While this deck excels at its ability to slowly whittle down units, it has trouble with our champions. Trundle has regeneration, forcing them to invest heavily in one turn to kill him versus over a few turns. As for Tryndamere, this deck has no answer for him, so once he is out he will quickly end the game.
  • Avarosan Sentry and Spiderling from Vile Feast can be liabilities in this matchup, as it gives them targets for Double Up. Be prepared to use removal on your own unit to fizzle the spell if you think they have it.

Draven Caitlyn: 50%-55% (Even to Slightly Favored)

Mulligan for: The Box, Blighted Ravine, early units

  • Aloof Travellers warps this matchup, hitting your top end cards like Feel The Rush and The Ruination. Because of this, you should never keep these cards in hand, and need to be wary of this card when trying to plan out future turns with them.
  • Most of their units have 3 HP, so Avalanche and Blighted Ravine won’t be enough on their own. Because of this, you will need to combine them with another damage effect to clear these units.
  • The Box and Grasp of the Undying, on the other hand, will be able to kill most of their units with a single spell, which is important for slowing down their aggression and not falling behind in card advantage.
  • This deck also runs no ways to buff the health of their units, meaning you don’t need to take buff spells into account when trying to kill off opposing units.
  • Be wary of Tri-Beam Improbulator, as this can swing the board into their favor and give them a chance back into the game. Try not to tap out of interaction while your opponent has the mana to threaten this card.
  • Despair is not great in this matchup, but remember that if you cast it on Caitlyn or Draven, they get their strike effects off.
  • Once you drop a Feel The Rush, your opponent has a difficult time killing your champions. A full cost Thermogenic Beam and a Scorched Earth on a damaged unit are their only answers.
  • Arachnoid Sentry can also be an annoying card, as it can stun one of your large units to stop their attack and buy them time to fish for an answer.
  • Atrocity is a good finisher after getting off a strong attack with your champions. Prioritize an undamaged unit or unlevelled Tryndamere if you are able to, as they almost always won’t be able to stop it.

Darkness: 50-55% (Even to Slightly Favored)

Mulligan for: Despair, Avarosan Sentry, Avalanche, Vengeance

  • The goal is to not let opponents’ Darkness grow quickly at all, and deal with their champions quickly.
  • Try to kill Twisted Catalyzer quickly with your removal and units, as you don’t want their Darkness to snowball too quickly.
  • Minimorph is a scare card in this matchup, as it essentially lets them take out one of our champions from Feel The Rush. However, they have difficulty dealing with both of them at once.
  • Be more willing to trade your units with theirs, and keep your board empty of units if you are not being threatened. Darkness needs an enemy unit before Veigar levels, so by not giving them targets for Darkness, you are denying them the chance to play it.
  • Without Veigar, their deck does not kill you quickly, and their only direct face damage otherwise is Pokey Stick and Ixtali Sentinel. Because of this, it’s usually ok to take some damage.
  • Try to keep track of which champions you have killed so you know what they get back from The Rekindler. Regardless of which champion they get back, The Box is a great response to a Rekindler play.

Poppy Ziggs: 50% (Even)

Mulligan for: Grasp of the Undying, board clears, early units.

  • This deck seeks to go wide and finish you off with burn damage.
  • While a few of their early units can die to avalanche effects, many of their units are actually able to survive our 2 damage board clear effects, making their starts difficult to efficiently clear.
  • Poppy is a big threat, as she can buff units outside our removal range. Grasp of the Undying is an efficient answer for Poppy, but if you don’t have an answer for Poppy, try to clear off their other units to  lower the value from her effect.
  • Use early units to block down their board early. It’s better to whittle down a unit and take less damage than trade, as it can put units in range for our board clears.
  • On top of this, their deck runs a lot of over the top burn, so it’s important to try and stay above the range of this so they are not able to burn us out in response to healing spells.
  • Noxian Fervor hard counters Grasp of the Undying, letting them push damage and deny the much needed drain. Keep this in mind when going for this, and remember if you hit a unit with >3 health, they can’t deny the healing in response with just one Noxian Fervor.
  • Be wary of casting Feel the Rush. If you are too low, they could use the opening to finish you off with burn spells. Prioritize stabilizing your health total over deploying your finisher unless you will lose if you don’t.

GP Sejuani: 50% (Even)

Mulligan for: Despair or Vengeance, Early units, board clears

  • The opponent will want to get plunder procs early game, so you should pass so they either miss the proc, or force them to spend their mana less efficiently.
  • Their deck runs a few nab cards, so try to keep track if they play nabbed cards, and beware the stolen Feel The Rush.
  • Their early game is not too threatening, as their early units are cleaned up by our board clears, and we have enough healing to sustain through their early chip damage.
  • Be mindful of playing an early Trundle, as he can be answered efficiently by Monster Harpoon.
  • Once their champions come online, we only have limited removal for them, and they can start to threaten our life total.
  • The Dreadway is a very scary card, and can let them quickly kill us if not answered. If you have to use Despair, remember the damage from the strike is also doubled as well.
  • If they miss allegiance on Yordle Grifter, then it is very likely they will have a Sejuani in their hand, so keep this in mind for future turns.
  • Sejuani is incredibly powerful against our deck, as she can deny our main condition with her levelled frostbite effect, so prioritize removing her.
  • If you do not have a kill spell for Sejuani, a second Tryndamere can also be used to break a Sejuani lock once her effect procs.

FTR Mirror: 50% (Even)

Mulligan for: Catalyst of Aeons, Trundle, Feel The Rush

  • This matchup is based entirely on 2 things: who can ramp more, and who can play a Feel The Rush first. Since Feel The Rush is so important to this matchup, this is one of the few where we want to keep it in our starting hand.
  • This matchup is very slow in the early game. Since the deck has lots of ways to heal, early chip damage is not as relevant, so don’t expect early damage to stick.
  • Early units like avarosan sentry and kindly tavern keeper can attack to pass priority to the opponent.
  • Atrocity is another avenue for winning this matchup if you can get one attack through. While you might want to be wary of frostbite, most versions do not run more than 1x copy, making it difficult to answer.
  • You want to try to level Trundle before playing Feel The Rush, so he will get overwhelm on play. Likewise, your opponent will want to as well, so try to remove their Trundle before he can level.
  • Generally, you shouldn’t play a second Trundle after the first, as doing so only gives you access to one fully powered Feel The Rush, and this is a matchup where you may need to play multiple Feel The Rush to win.
  • You will find you often will spend turns passing back and forth, which is fine. Keep track of hand space, as you don’t generally want to burn a card. Sometimes, you should just play an Avalanche on an empty board to keep enough mana to threaten something while also not burning a card.

Draven Sion: 45-50% (Slightly Unfavored to Even)

Mulligan for: Three Sisters, Board clears, Catalyst of Aeons

  • This deck has a very difficult time answering a levelled Sion. Not only does it threaten a lot of damage, it also trades with our champions off of Feel the Rush, which can make this matchup a bit difficult.
  • Three Sisters can buy you an attack turn from Sion, which can buy you enough time to turn the game around.
  • Sion Draven is also the most unpredictable of the decks in the meta, as different players are running different cards, such as Ravenous Flock, Noxian Fervor, and Scorched Earth. This can make it difficult to play around everything.
  • Survival Skills is also a scary card, as it can save a unit from your damage effects, and also deny healing from Grasp of the Undying if the unit is low on HP. However, this is their only way to keep units alive, so all other removal will go through.
  • Their deck runs a lot of burn, so be wary of your HP getting too low. Generally speaking, you want to stay above at least 6 HP to stay out of range of double Get Excited.
  • Sion Draven will try to go wide early, which is where our multitude of board wipes come in. So long as you play the early game reactively, you should be able to deal with their early game without taking too much damage.
  • Trundle is ok to play early, but Twinblade Revenant and another spell can usually answer him, so if you see Lost Soul it’s usually better to hold off on him unless you need the blocker.
  • Atrocity is a good finisher for this matchup, as you can get them in range on an attack through Sion, then use it on the swing back to finish them off.

Poppy Fizz Noxus Bandle Tree: 35-40% Unfavored

Mulligan for: Grasp of the Undying, board clears, early units

  • While our deck is great at dealing with the swarm package from this deck, we have no answer for The Bandle Tree.
  • Once again, you want to try and keep an answer for Poppy on curve in hand, as one attack from her can make your spells far less effective at answering their units.
  • The best game plan is to try and win through your units pushing damage early, and then having an Atrocity over the top.
  • Since their deck is very low to the ground to swarm and set up The Bandle Tree, most of their units are in removal range for our board clears, making them very good in this matchup.
  • One important distinction here is that Blighted Ravine will be able to kill Owlcat through it’s spell shield, while Avalanche will only knock the spellshield off. This can be important for cleaning up Owlcats generated from Bandle City Commando efficiently.
  • Unlike most matchups, however, we need to take initiative to end the game, as The Bandle Tree will beat us if we play things too slowly.
  • Their deck runs Minimorph and Scorched Earth, which can answer our champions from Feel The Rush.
  • Their deck does not run over the top burn other than Pokey Stick, so letting your life total get low is not too bad for this matchup, so long as you can then answer their units.

Closing Thoughts

Feel The Rush has been making a resurgence in the meta for a reason, as there has been a rise in aggro decks currently which are generally good matchups for us. With so few decks running Deny and Rite of Calling currently as well, there are just very few decks that can stop you once you resolve Feel The Rush. Another great thing is that this style of control has not been prevalent in the meta for some time, so not everyone is used to playing around your removal.

Feel The Rush is also a great deck to play for learning to play reactively, as it really rewards waiting on your removal and timing it for maximum value. This deck has shown how strong it can be in the past metagames, and is a deck that is very likely to continue to be strong in the future. This makes it a great deck to add to your repertoire!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all have a good day, and that your opponents are really feeling that rush.


Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's off to look for the next off meta brew to rise to the top.

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