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Feel The Rush Deck Guide

Hello everyone, DragonGuy here, and I welcome you today to another deck guide for Feel The Rush, an older archetype that has been making a comeback. Feel The Rush had been out of the meta until Patch 3.0 revived it with buffs to some of its key cards.

Trundle once again is a 4|6 – he acts as a great stabilizer for the deck, and is difficult to remove. Pair this with a buff to Vengeance, one of the key removal tools for SI/FR control, and you can see how the archetype was able to make a resurgence.

The goal for this deck is to slow down the game enough for you to play one of your late-game threats. We have a few different top-end options for this deck, from its namesake card Feel The Rush, to Commander Ledros, to our champions. In order to get to your powerful late game, you need to survive the early game stages. To accomplish this, the rest of the deck focuses on removal and healing.

In the early to mid-game, you want to play reactively, letting your opponent make the first moves and responding to their plays. Generally speaking, you should be open-passing and forcing the opponent to act first, or risk burning their mana. You want the opponent to invest their resources first, so that you can respond with more information. Since we often have the stronger late game, burning mana early is fine if it means our opponent does not develop. 

Of course, we need to be able to back up this line of play, which is where our removal suite comes in. Avalanche, Blighted Ravine, and Withering Wail are our way of answering wide boards.

Blighted Ravine is best played on your turn to both discourage development from the opponent, and wipe their current board. The Box serves as a great punishment for when the opponent develops multiple units in one turn. Vengeance fits in nicely at 6 mana and kills off any unit you need it to. Finally, we are running 1 of The Ruination for completely resetting the game state.

Once you get to the later stages of the game, you are looking to play Feel The Rush, then quickly end the game. Playing Feel The Rush can be risky, as you completely tap out of all interaction, giving the opponent free time to develop.

It is often better to cast FTR on your turn, as this gives your opponent only one action to respond before you can attack them. However, if you have the opportunity to play it on the opponent’s turn and they are not in a position to punish, then go for it. This lets you play Ice Pillar before attacking to level Trundle – or you can simply open attack if you need to play around particular Slow speed spells. 

With Ice Pillar, it’s important to recognize whether if more profitable for you to kill the Vulnerable unit, or drag it to the side to push for more damage. If you are able to push for lethal, or put the opponent into Atrocity range, it is often better to drag the unit to the side with Ice Pillar. If you can’t, then it is usually better to kill the unit, especially if it is part of your opponent’s win condition. 

Techs & Options

  • Tryndamere
    Many of the current versions of Feel The Rush running around on ladder are only on 2 copies of Tryndamere. While this might seem odd to not have 3 copies of a champ when we want to summon them from Feel The Rush, it makes sense. You will rarely ever have a game get to the point where you need the third Tryndamere to close it out. You also don’t usually want to draw Tryndamere naturally, instead wanting to summon him off of Feel The Rush. Finally, this gives us an extra slot for cards that can make an impact sooner. While many versions are not running the third copy, if you want it, you can still run it and have success. 
  • Passage Unearned
    This card is your silver bullet: it can be completely useless in certain matchups, and absolutely game-winning in others. For matchups where this card is game-winning, we have the mirror, Anivia, and Thralls. It can also have some uses in other matchups, like answering the 1-drops pulled from a Kinkou Waynfinder. If you want to do well in these kinds of matchups, you could consider putting in a copy of this card. But be warned: there will be some matchups where this card does not do anything. 
  • Grasp of the Undying
    If you want to have more removal and more lifegain in your deck, this card can fulfill those needs. At 3 damage, it hits some important breakpoints for what it can kill. But at 5 mana, it is a pretty expensive answer, especially since it competes with The Box which is 4 mana, and Vengeance which is 6. 
  • Faces of the Old Ones, Wyrding Stones
    These two cards ramp you quickly, and allow you to reach certain key mana breakpoints faster. The upside these cards have over Catalyst of Aeons is their initial investment is much lower, and as units they can block if need be. The downside, of course, is that they can be removed, and we would lose the ramp. If you want to go for a more ramp-oriented style of the deck trying to get Feel The Rush or Commander Ledros into play as quickly as possible, then you should look into including these cards.
  • Three Sisters
    This card offers plenty of flexibility, giving you access to 3 different spells for 1 additional mana. Since this deck is quite restrictive on your mana use, I have opted for Flash Freeze in my list. If you value the flexibility offered, then you could consider running this instead.
  • Harsh Winds
    This spell lets you Frostbite 2 units with one action, and is a great card for the mirror. The downside of the card is that it is quite expensive at 6 mana, making it difficult to hold mana for it or combine it with other cards.
  • Despair
    It is really good against decks with some high priority units that are integral to opponent’s game plan, that come in relatively early, and that don’t have high power. Great examples for this are Miss Fortune, Veigar, and Lee Sin. If you want to tech your deck against these matchups, then this would be a good inclusion.

General Tips

  • Plan out and bank mana for your big plays.
    Your big plays will often leave you quite vulnerable, as you won’t usually have mana left open to respond to what your opponent is doing. In order to enable big plays, you need to be smart about how you are banking mana.
  • Think about how to shut down your opponent’s power plays
    As a control deck, not only should you consider how to set up your own win condition, you should also be thinking about how to shut down your opponent’s win condition as well. This deck has many tools for removing opposing units, so it’s important to think about how you can use your current resources to mitigate what your opponent is doing. 
  • Don’t underestimate the reach you have
    While you might not think about it, this deck actually has quite a bit of non-combat damage. Atrocity is the obvious one, as once you get the opponent low enough, you can threaten to kill them outright. However, Blighted Ravine can also go face for 2 damage.
  • General mulligan tips:
    • Against more aggressive decks, you want your AOE removal and early units to block with early. You want to prioritize dealing with their strong early game, then transitioning to your strong late game.
    • Against slower control decks, you want to play for value and ramp, with cards like Catalyst of Aeons and Trundle. These will accelerate your game plan and put some pressure on your opponent.
    • Against decks that are closer to midrange, you want your hard removal tools like Vengeance and your early units.


Mulligan for: Blighted Ravine, Avalanche, Withering Wail, Kindly Tavenkeeper

  • This is a very favorable matchup for you, as their units are weak to your AOE, and you have enough healing to get above their burn.
  • Always Blighted Ravine on a defensive turn if you can. This way, you wipe their current board and make it difficult for them to develop.
  • Avalanche is a great punisher if the opponent develops on their attack turn, just try to make sure you aren’t too weak to them redeveloping. 
  • Be careful about spending expensive removal like Vengeance while the opponent still has 3 mana available, as it will likely be countered by Noxian Fervor.
  • Prioritize your health total. So long as your health remains high, you should be safe from burn, and your opponent will quickly start running out of resources.
  • Kindly Tavernkeeper is a great unit that heals and serves as a Fearsome blocker. Just be careful about playing him on turn 3, as it taps you out of threatening Avalanche, giving opponent a chance to develop into an attack.

Mulligan for: The Ruination, Vengeance, Trundle

  • In this matchup, you want to find your hard removal tools, as their units are usually able to get themselves out of range of your AOE removal.
  • Trundle is good for stabilizing on 5, but eventually the opponent will be able to go over him.
  • If you can get off Feel The Rush, the opponent can answer Trundle with Concerted Strike. Tryndamere, however, is much more difficult for them to remove and will serve as a solid blocker and beater.
  • You should try to save a Vile Feast in your hand to pop a Spell Shield from Bastion or Pantheon level up. This will make your Vengeance plays much safer.
  • If you can kill off their units early enough, they won’t be big enough come the late game to challenge your units from Feel The Rush.
  • Be careful about having small units alive, as it can leave you vulnerable to Cataclysm plays. Try to trade them off favorably so you don’t open yourself up to this.
  • The Ruination is great for answering their units, as it’s often difficult for them to build up a second wave of units if their board gets wiped. 

Mulligan for: Blighted Ravine, The Box, Withering Wail

  • As their deck runs Deny, you should NOT rely on Feel The Rush as your primary win condition. 
  • Instead, you want to use your early units to push damage, and your removal to force out their answers.
  • Blighted Ravine is great in this matchup, as it kills most of their units, doesn’t lose to protection spells, and can’t be hit by deny. 
  • Withering Wail is a great answer for dealing with their 1 drop elusives like Dancing Droplet and The Mourned.
  • The Box is your best answer to a Kinkou Wayfinder turn, offering a clean answer to their multiple units and making it difficult for them to save all of their units.
  • If you want to remove a unit, start with slow speed answers first. Their deck is very good at protecting key units, and you will often need to invest multiple spells to successfully answer them.
  • Be wary of Homecoming to recall your big units. Try to have something like Vile Feast to back up your plays to make them have to invest multiple spells to get it off successfully. 
  • While their deck is good at protecting 1 unit, it has more trouble saving all of their units, so your AOE removal will greatly tax their resources if they want to save their units.

Mulligan for: Catalyst of Aeons, Trundle, Feel The Rush

  • This matchup is based entirely on 2 things: who can ramp more, and who can play a Feel The Rush first. Since Feel The Rush is so important to this matchup, this is one of the few where we want to keep it in our starting hand.
  • This matchup is very slow in the early game. Since the deck has lots of ways to heal, early chip damage is not as relevant, but attacking with early units can be a good way to pass priority.
  • Atrocity is another avenue for winning this matchup if you can get one attack through. However, you need to be wary of frostbite, as most versions are running Flash Freeze. Try not to fire it off while they have 3 mana unless you are confident they don’t have it.
  • You want to try to level Trundle before playing Feel The Rush, so he will get overwhelm. Likewise, your opponent will want to level their Trundle, so try to remove theirs before he levels.
  • Generally, you shouldn’t play a second Trundle after the first, as doing so only gives you access to one fully powered Feel The Rush, and this is a matchup where you may need to play multiple Feel The Rush to win.
  • You will find you often will spend turns passing back and forth, which is fine. Keep track of hand space, as you don’t want to burn a card. Sometimes, you should just play an Avalanche on an empty board to keep enough mana to threaten something while also not burning a card.
  • If you get in range for Atrocity, always try to hold up mana for Flash Freeze while your opponent has Atrocity mana available, even if you don’t have one.
  • Commander Ledros is great in the mirror, as he can quickly put the opponent in Atrocity range and forces the opponent to invest resources into stopping him.

Mulligan for: Avarosan Sentry, Avalanche, Vengeance

  • The goal is to not let opponents’ Darkness grow, and deal with their champions quickly.
  • Try to kill Twisted Catalyzer quickly with your removal and units, as you don’t want their Darkness to snowball too quickly. 
  • Minimorph is a scare card in this matchup, as it essentially lets them take out one of our champions from Feel The Rush. However, they have difficulty dealing with both of them at once.
  • Be more willing to trade your units with theirs, and keep your board empty of units if you are not being threatened. Darkness needs an enemy unit before Veigar levels, so by not giving them targets for Darkness, you are denying them the chance to play it.
  • Without Veigar, their deck does not kill you quickly, and their only direct face damage otherwise is Pokey Stick and Ixtali Sentinel. Because of this, it’s usually ok to take some damage. 
  • Try to keep track of which champions you have killed so you know what they get back from The Rekindler. Regardless of which champion they get back, The Box is a great response to put their units in range of your other removal.
  • Be wary if your opponent plays Conchologist, as this can get the Passage Unearned to completely shut down your Feel The Rush play. If your opponent plays Conchologist, try to keep track of if they have played the spell from it.

Mulligan for: Flash Freeze, early units

  • This is an incredibly difficult matchup for you, especially once the opponent is able to get off an Iceborn Legacy to put the Daring Poros above 2 HP.
  • You usually won’t have time to get to the late game and set up a Feel The Rush, so try to end the game quickly. 
  • They have difficulty removing units, so Trundle should be pretty safe on board to push damage and block their non-elusive units. 
  • The Box is your best punish to the opponent developing multiple Daring Poros, but after 2 buff effects it won’t be enough.
  • If your opponent does play poros, try to kill them before they can get buffed, so you won’t have as many to deal with.
  • Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Vengeance and The Ruination don’t feel great against 1 mana units, but it can be entirely necessary to survival.
  • Their deck is not the most consistent, and it might take them time to set up their Daring Poros with a lot of buffs. Try to push through what damage you can during this time.

Closing Thoughts

Feel The Rush has been making a resurgence in the meta for a few different reasons. The first is the direct buffs the deck received, which have improved how the deck plays.

Another reason is the favorable meta shift overall, as there is a rise in prevalence in aggro decks trying to beat Ahri Kennen, which are generally good matchups for Feel The Rush.

Finally, few decks are running Deny and Rite of Negation currently, so there aren’t many opponents that can stop you from resolving Feel The Rush. All of these factors together have helped to make FTR well-positioned in the current metagame.

Feel The Rush is also a great deck to play for learning to play reactively, as it really rewards waiting on your removal and timing it for maximum value. There have been many times in the past where this deck rose to prominence, and right now is looking to be one of those times. It is likely to be strong in the future as well, so this is a great deck to add to your repertoire. 

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all have a good day, and that your opponents are really feeling that rush.


Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's off to look for the next off meta brew to rise to the top.

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