LoR Devs Announce Shutdown of Expeditions

Starting from Patch 3.2 the devs will begin the process of sunsetting Expeditions as a mode to make room for a new draft experience.

LoR developers have announced that starting from Patch 3.2 they will begin the process of sunsetting Expeditions as a mode.

Starting from February 16th, the weekly cap on runs will be removed. This is made so that players will no longer be limited in their token spending (it also means the free play option is eliminated). As of Patch 3.8 in May, the Expeditions mode will no longer be available, so make sure to spend your Expedition tokens by then.

The decision has been explained by the low player interest in the mode. The LoR team has assured that they still want a permanent competitive draft mode to be part of the game, but Expeditions failed to serve that function.

The devs are ‘going back to the drawing board’ to figure out what LoR draft mode should look like. However, the next update on this topic will arrive no earlier than next year. Currently, the team is focusing on releasing the content for Path of Champions and the new expansions.

Below, we are reproducing the original statement by the LoR team, posted originally at PlayRuneterra.com.

Tl;dr – Starting in patch 3.2.0, we’re beginning to sunset Expeditions by removing the weekly cap on fully-rewarded runs, which also means Free Play is no longer available due to the lack of a weekly cap. Expedition Tokens are also being removed from the Weekly Vault and the new player 7-day login bonus. In May, with the release of patch 3.8.0, Expeditions will no longer be accessible, so be sure to spend your remaining Expedition Tokens before then.

We designed Expeditions as Legends of Runeterra’s take on a draft-based PvP experience; as a way to experiment with new strategies on the fly with a less-predictable card pool.

We were thrilled to see that some players ended up loving Expeditions, but the player count was lower than we had hoped for. As the game has continued to evolve, other modes have ended up competing for the same type of feeling that Expeditions offers, with greater success. The Path of Champions competes with Expeditions to provide a similar draft-like experience, and currently accounts for a majority of the total play hours spent in LoR, while Ranked PvP provides a competitive landscape for players to flex their skill & creativity in deckbuilding.

We still think there’s room in Legends of Runeterra for a competitive draft experience, but it’s become clear that Expeditions isn’t it. So as of patch 3.8.0 in May, we’re removing Expeditions to make room for the resources and creative space we need so that we can reimagine a truly compelling competitive draft experience in the future. Right now though, our resources are focused in other areas like The Path of Champions & future expansions, so we likely won’t have another update on this until next year.

Until then, there’s still time to get more Expeditions runs in before the mode’s removal. Draft buckets are being added for the new champions added in A Curious Journey, and starting in patch 3.2.0 on February 16, we’re removing the weekly cap on fully-rewarded runs so you can spend any Expedition Tokens you’ve been holding on to, or you can continue to enter as many times as you’d like using Shards or Coins. Once patch 3.8.0 goes live, Expeditions will no longer be accessible, and Expedition Tokens will no longer be usable or transferable for other in-game items or currency, so be sure to use them all before then.

Whether you went 7-7, 0-0, or anything in between, we want to thank everyone who enjoyed Expeditions. It might be a while as we go back to the drawing board, but we’ll keep you all updated on our plans for a draft PvP experience as they come into shape.

What do you think about the shutting down of Expeditions as a mode? Did you like it, have you played it regularly?

Do you think Legends of Runeterra needs a draft mode? If so, how it should look like, and where do you think Expeditions have fallen short?


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