Expeditions Archetypes Spreadsheet

Updated for Beyond the Bandlewood expansion! On this page you'll find the complete list of all the Expeditions archetypes and their cards.

Updated for Beyond the Bandlewood expansion!

There are a total of 70 different archetypes that are available to draft in Expeditions mode. ‘Expedition archetypes’ are predetermined, and LoR’s draft algorithm forms picks options from these strictly defined card pools. Each archetype usually has a specific champion – or champion pair – that is assigned to it.

There are some archetypes that are formed exclusively from the cards of a single region, but there is also at least one archetype assigned for each possible combination of two regions. Expeditions also offer ‘bonus’ archetypes that are a bit more ‘off the beaten path’ and have a lower Offering Rate compared to the regular ones. The archetypes that were introduced in the most recent expansions have a higher appearance rate compared to all others – that lasts for a couple of weeks after the release, after which the appearance rates get evened out.

During the draft, you’ll get offered three types of picks: Champion Picks, Synergy Picks, and Wild Picks. Champion Picks contain the titular champion of a particular archetype and start you off on a draft path. Synergy Picks tend to offer you cards from your main archetype that you’ve already invested in. And Wild Picks are there to provide you with interesting ‘splashes’ of cards that are not necessarily from your main archetype’s card pool but can have interesting synergies with it.

There are two additional tuning values to each archetype that affect their rate of appearance during drafts:

  • Cohesiveness Rating: Some archetypes consist of cards that are very dependent on one another and do not work as well outside of those archetypes (ex. ‘Shadows and Dust’). Cohesiveness Rating is a tuning value that controls how quickly a particular archetype will stop showing up during Wild Picks. A high Cohesiveness rating means the archetype is unlikely to appear during the draft when your deck doesn’t include any cards from that archetype;
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance: Archetypes like ‘Shroom and Boom’ that are dependent on having plenty of synergistic cards will have a heightened ‘Wild Pick Bonus Chance’. It means that after you take a couple of packs of Shroom and Boom’ early, you’ll have a higher chance to see lots more of them throughout the draft – both during Synergy Picks and Wild Picks.
  • Additionally, some cards are guaranteed to appear in the two initial Champion Picks of a draft. Such cards are highlighted in bold in the spreadsheets below.

Below is the complete list of all the archetypes and their cards that are available in Expedition during the Guardians of the Ancient season (Patch 2.10). Many thanks to Expeditions mode Design Lead Alexz Lee, who compiled the source spreadsheet.


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