Teemo Sejuani Bandle – The Best Shroom Deck in the Meta

If you're in the mood to play Teemo, Agigas can offer you this list - he believes this is the best shroom deck in the current meta.
Teemo Sejuani created by Agigas • last updated 2 years ago
  • Origins

Hey, Agigas here! As I was dissecting the stats to find counters to the numerous Lurk decks on the ladder, I stumbled onto Teemo Sejuani Bandle City.

With a 66% win rate against Lurk, it seemed like one of the most promising and consistent ways to beat the current meta, so I decided to learn more about the deck.

While the deck is still fairly unknown among the player base, it does show pretty good performances on the ladder overall. With a 53.1% win rate in Plat+ over 1300 games, the deck is convincing as a climbing option right now.

  • Gameplan

Most players already know the Piltover & Zaun version of Teemo freeze, using the Hexcore Foundry to force the opponent to draw shrooms. In comparison, this Bandle City version is much less focused on the shroom gameplan, which isn’t as reliable without Hexcore Foundry.

Instead, Teemo Sejuani Bandle features the strong Bandle City swarm package, looking to create a wide board rapidly and push damage. A lot of the cards, both spells and units, are able to deal direct damage to the opponent’s Nexus, and with incidental shrooms, they add up to eventually get the opponent’s Nexus health down to 0.

And while we don’t have as many shrooms as the Piltover & Zaun version because of the absence of Puffcap Peddler, we still have enough of them to make Teemo a deadly threat. With Three Sisters and Troll Chant, we can protect him, making our opponent feel helpless, faced with regular shroom deliveries coming into their deck.

In the midgame, Sejuani is a key unit to slow down the opponent as we’re stalling until they eventually draw into their fated end. Thanks to our numerous cards dealing Nexus damage and our shrooms, we can easily level Sejuani up and keep the board frozen. When playing the deck, look to space out your damage between different turns to level Sejuani faster.

Thanks to Babbling Bjerg, we have a very high chance to find Sejuani by turn 6, making this strategy very consistent.

  • Verdict

Teemo Sejuani Bandle feels really great in the current meta. With our freezes, we have great matchups against a lot of the heavy-hitting strategies, like Lurk (66% win rate), Dragons (61.5% win rate), and Draven Sion (69% win rate).

Compared to the better-known Piltover & Zaun Foundry versions, Bandle City feels much more consistent, as you don’t rely too much on a specific card. It is also less committing to a game plan, and because of that its matchups are less polarized – making it more suitable for a ladder climb.

That said, don’t overrate the deck either. While the matchup table and the 53% overall win rate are really great, part of that comes from the power of surprise. The deck also has its own weaknesses – for example, matchups against decks that do not care about freezes, like Darkness or Bandle Tree.

Overall, Teemo Sejuani is a competitive and spicy deck that can help you climb quickly, especially if you find yourself against its good matchups often. If you’re one of the many shrooms lovers, I can definitely recommend you to try the deck – this is in my opinion the best shroom archetype on the ladder right now.

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