Shyvana Aurelion Sol Dragons – The Breakout Deck of Day 1!

If you've been playing Ranked in 2.18, you've probably alraeady seen your share of Dragons. And no surprises here - Shyvana Asol is our Deck of the Day!
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Hello everyone, Sorry here! Today I’m in charge of sharing the Deck of the Day, and there’s nothing better candidate other than the most notable deck of Day 1 – Shyvana Aurelion Sol Dragons!

The Dragons deck has existed for a long time, its different versions were built depending on the meta. It fell off in the previous season after the introduction of Bandle City shook up the meta. A couple of polarized matchups for Shyvana Aurelion Sol – like Bandle Tree decks and everything that had Aloof Travelers – has led to the deck completely vanishing from competitive play.

With the recent buffs in Patch 2.18 to cards like Herald of Dragons, Dragon’s Clutch, Ruined Dragonguard, and Aurelion Sol, Dragons are back to their glory, already dominating the meta on the first day of the season.

I’ve picked up the deck immediately once the new season started and went on a streak, ending the session with a 10-1 record. The list I’m sharing in the article is the one I’ve personally been playing on the ladder.

  • Gameplan:

Shyvana Aurelion Sol is a midrange deck that relies on dominating the board with your Dragons and setting up value trades.

The Fury keyword along with a Ruined Dragonguard‘s effect means you’ll be gaining additional stats on your Dragons when removing your opponent’s units. This will force them to commit additional resources to deal with your threatening units.

Shyvana acts as a solid 4-drop champion that is annoying to remove once she goes for an attack. Herald of Dragons allows you to play your Dragons for a cheaper price, which means you’ll be able to drop your key units like Shyvana or Screeching Dragon a turn earlier.

Playing Eclipse Dragon for its Daybreak effect allows you to set up for an Aurelion Sol on the following turn. With the recent buff on Aurelion Sol, it’s much easier to level him up now if you manage to keep him on the board.

It’s extremely important to level up your Aurelion Sol as it drops the cost of Celestial cards down to 0, which allows you to completely dominate the game. This means that in certain scenarios you might avoid attacking with your units to make sure they stay alive to level your Aurelon Sol.

In the past, the Dragons were easy to stall if you have enough chump blockers. However, the buff to Dragon’s Clutch completely removed that weakness of the deck. Once you’ve set up a solid board, going for an attack with your units and granting them +1 | +1 and Overwhelm keyword from Dragon’s Clutch will threaten a lethal to close out the game.

Another version of this deck, that Bruised By God is running, opts to cut out Ruined Dragonguard and instead runs Solari Priestess.

This version favors the value Solari Priestess offers through the 4-6 cost Celestial cards. You’re can create Falling Come, which is very useful for certain matchups (ex., to obliterate The Bandle Tree). Written In Stars, The Traveler, or The Golden Sister are other good options.

Solari Priestess was buffed in 2.18 – now, being a 2 | 2 unit, the card acts as a better blocker while also being the perfect fodder to sacrifice if you’re running a Radiant Guardian.

The downside is that the list loses Ruined Dragonguard – a good stat-stick that can be used for value blocks while also enabling your Dragons to gain extra stats and remain longer on the board.

  • Verdict:

Shyvana Aurelion Sol is currently one of the top-tier decks on the competitive ladder and I’m confident it’ll remain a solid archetype in the current meta. Players have already started gravitating towards other decks that can counter Shyvana Aurelion Sol.

Dragon’s Clutch buff has covered one of the deck’s big weaknesses from the past, namely its inability to close out a game fast enough before the opponent sets up their win condition.

There are different lists being played on the ladder – there’s a Solari Priestess version, and there are other builds cutting one copy of Aurelion Sol for a Zoe or running Radiant Guardian to help out against aggressive matchups.

Once the meta settles down it’ll be clearer which lists perform better on the ladder and in tournaments.


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