Renekton Sivir Overwhelm by RickoRex – A Rampage in the Desert!

Mezume is here to cover the new powerful Renekton build, which was recently taken to Masters by the EU Overwhelm veteran RickoRex.
  • Origins

Hey, it’s Mezume here! Lately, we have been covering some of the recently buffed champions and archetypes in our Deck of the Day series and this time it’s Renekton’s turn.

There are multiple ways to build a deck with everyone’s favourite crocodile – for example, going the route of Freljord Overwhelm or Demacia Elites. I decided to feature a list that reached Masters early this season in the hands of the Overwhelm Master himself, RickoRex – Sivir Renekton.

This strategy was played as a very fringe deck a few seasons back to a varying degree of success – but now that it has reached Masters this early, I decided to give it another go and it seems to be holding up well.

Renekton has been buffed in the most recent update, lowering his level-up requirement from 12 damage dealt – to 10. This is quite a big breakpoint, as this means that, in order to level up he only needs to Challenge once, and then block (or vice versa).

It is very relevant in this list, as there are multiple Challenger/Vulnerable synergy points, using the fact of how strong both of our champions get with these keywords in play.

  • Gameplan

Sivir Renekton is a midrange deck that relies on its powerful units and combat tricks in order to take full control of the board in the midgame and proceed to threaten a lethal situation with Golden Aegis. The strategy is quite one-dimensional, and it is difficult to win once board control is lost.

Both Sivir and Renekton play a central role in the deck, as they are the biggest abusers of most of its synergies. Renekton is able to level quickly in the deck, due to all the ways to give Vulnerable to the opponents, as well as Penitent Squire potentially giving him Challenger.

Sivir benefits in a different way – having Spellshield and Quick Attack, she becomes an unstoppable force when she can also Challenge an opposing unit.

The deck plays a rather low curve, but it has a fair bit of late-game power due to cards like Concerted Strike, Ruin Runner and Thrumming Swarm, as well as its champions. If we add to that cards such as Cataclysm and Golden Aegis, letting those threats can attack another time, some truly powerful turns are possible.

In the early game, the deck wants to play on curve, but it is not the end of the world if it does not, as skipping a turn 2 play simply means that the opponent has to constantly respect the possibility of a Sharpsight or The Absolver.

Cards like Treasure Seeker and Rock Hopper are simply very powerful early game plays, while Penitent Squire, Honored Lord and Vanguard Sergeant form their own Elite package which strongly benefits the whole deck.

The midgame is when things get spicy and the list unlocks some of its most powerful plays. This is when both champions come down, sometimes with Tattered Banner from Penitent Squire, or simply onto a board where some of the opponent’s cards already have the Vulnerable keyword. This allows you to wrestle control of the board and threaten a lot of damage once Renekton is fully online and levelled.

The top-end of this deck is represented by Thrumming Swarm alongside Ruin Runner – as well as levelled champions. Those cards help you push the final bits of damage with their Overwhelm keyword, while also being difficult to remove; in the case of Ruin Runner due to Spellshield, while Thrumming Swarm just comes back every turn, being an endless and unrelenting threat.

Finally, The Absolver on a levelled Sivir is always a surefire way to end the game.

  • Verdict

Sivir Renekton is a fairly fringe deck, but it combines powerful Demacia and Shurima cards, allowing it to shine in the current meta.

Its rather low curve and strong game-ending power allow it to try and race aggressive decks (even though they can be difficult opponents), while being able to challenge opposing units on your own terms with Quick Attack and Renekton gives an easy way to win midrange matchups.

Finally, an access to Rallies and Spellshields means you are quite difficult to stop for slower control-oriented decks.

It is a really fun list that has the benefit of being fairly simple to pick up – you usually won’t have too many decisions to make per turn and the goal is clear: win the board, win the game.

I can recommend this to anyone who wants to play some more laid back games – but also to any and all Overwhelm and Demacia lovers.


Mezume is a competitive Legends of Runeterra player with an unexplained love for midrange decks. He believes the important thing is not the end result of the game, but the choices made within it. Loves learning more about the game and sharing that knowledge with others!

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