Developer Interview – Alexz Lee – Episode 81 – The Twin Sunz Podcast

On this very special episode, Twin Sunz get to sit down and interview Alexz Lee, a Senior Game Designer on Legends of Runeterra.

On this very special episode of the Twin Sunz Podcast, we get to sit down and interview Alexz Lee, a Senior Game Designer on Legends of Runeterra. Currently, Alexz is leading the Live Balance team but also is known for his hard design work on Rising Tides, Into the Bandlewood, and most recently, Magic Misadventures. Joining us for the interview is our amazing friend Sunny, who is a full-time content creator for Legends of Runeterra. Together we ask Alexz all sorts of questions for an hour-long deep dive interview on the design process of Magic Misadventures.

Firstly you can expect a discussion around the community’s overall response to Into the Bandlewood, and how Alexz has felt about that reception. We talk about what the most surprising cards were from that set, as well as some of the most surprising decks that took over the meta. After that, we do a deep dive into all 4 of the new champions that have been released with Magic Misadventures. This includes the design process of each as they transition from League of Legends to Legends of Runeterra, how they fit specific roles for their own regions, inspirations for the design, and much more. 

To end the show we discuss a few other hot topics such as the Yordle Explorer, the nerfs to Poppy and Young Witch, and why Rumble was chosen for the Bandle City/Noxus Yordle, as opposed to Kled. We really appreciate getting to sit down with the brilliant developers behind Legends of Runeterra, and Alexz brings quite a ton of insight into how the game we all love is being created. I hope you enjoy the episode!


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