More Details About Upcoming LoR PvE Mode ‘The Path of Champions’

A teaser has been released today, revealing some crucial new info about the much-anticipated Arcane-themed PvE mode 'The Path of Champions'.

A new teaser has been released today by Legends of Runeterra social media channels, revealing additional info about the much-anticipated Arcane-themed PvE mode ‘The Path of Champions’.

It will launch on November 10 as a part of the Patch 2.19 update. It is inspired by the previous popular PvE modes – the original LoR rogue-like, ‘Lab of Legends’, and its spin-off, ‘The Saltwater Scourge’.

In the new video teaser, Riot showcased some of the features of the upcoming mode.

  • 7+ playable champions, with unique roads and bosses

In The Path of Champions, you will be able to play as Jinx, Lulu, Gangplank, Ezreal, Zed, Nautilus, and Viktor.

As some latest leaks suggest, this is not even the full list of playable characters. Jayce, whose official reveal is planned for tomorrow, is also very likely to join the cast of The Path of Champions.

In the video, we’ve seen the path of Jinx. Her progression track has Vi as the final boss and another important encounter with Caitlyn.

  • Champion progression

Champion upgrades are a big part of the mode. In Lab of Legends, you were able to enhance your champion cards in your deck – but it looks like in The Path of Champions you will be able to build your character directly, in a much more RPG-like fashion.

In the screenshot below, we can see that as you level up Jinx, you unlock new items, item slots, as well as gold, and other rewards. In the inventory screen, you can browse the items you have and choose which ones to equip.

  • Story cutscenes

From what we’ve seen so far, the story progression is a big part of this mode’s experience. Cutscenes are presented in a distinct style of a visual novel.

  • Voiced dialogue

The encounters are accompanied by unique dialogues, fully voiced by the actors.

We expect to get more details about the mode on November 9, when the official Patch 2.19 Notes will be released. Riot has also scheduled Jayce Reveal and Deep Dive video to Premiere on Youtube tomorrow, 9 AM PST.

The Path of Champions release is a part of Riot’s cross-promotional event, Riot X Arcane. Starting this week and throughout November, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant are celebrating the premiere of the Netflix animated series Arcane with various in-game events.

What do you think about the Path of Champions so far? Will you play it? Do these new details revealed have you excited?

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