Deck of the Day: Ziggs Taliyah

If you're looking for a fun deck built around Ziggs, check out this list crafted by Dragon!
  • Origins

Hello everyone, my name is Dragon. Today, I’d like to show off one of my favorite decks to emerge from the new expansion, Taliyah Ziggs!

Over the last week, I have seen many players experiment with Taliyah Ziggs, and in the decklist above, I tried to include all the most promising ideas regarding the archetype, but also adjust it to make more to my liking.

  • Gameplan

The plan for this deck is to utilize landmarks to level our champions and use the power of Ziggs and Taliyah to close out the game.

To accomplish this, we are using a lot of units that summon landmarks, such as Rock Hopper and Inventive Chemist. They help us progress our champion quests while providing some early board presence.

We do run some standalone landmarks as well – like Preservarium and Hexplosive Minefield. The latter one is particularly useful in the deck as for just 1 mana, it can either stall out a strong unit on the opposing side or help us set up a good attack.

Rite of the Arcane is a great new addition – it is a solid removal tool and synergizes with landmarks that have a beneficial effect when destroyed.

The deck also runs a lot of ways to grant enemies Vulnerable, such as Merciless Hunter, allowing you to set up more profitable attacks and make opponents’ development phases more awkward.

For the top end, this deck runs Taliyah and Ziggs. Ziggs will deal 2 each time an allied landmark is destroyed, giving you the chance to burn out opponents. As for Taliyah, she can copy a landmark when summoned which generates us free value, and her insanely strong attack trigger makes blocking her difficult.

To supplement our champions, we run Herald of the Magus, which makes our champions into lethal threats.

  • Verdict

We’re still a bit early into the patch to have a definitive idea on how the deck ranks, but it has felt strong in the games I have played.

It is a bit weaker to early game strategies due to a low number of early drops, and a lack of healing means you do have to worry about burn.

This deck is also a bit champion-reliant, as they are the best finishers for the deck. While you can certainly win games without them, they make closing out games much easier.

However, the list also has a lot of strengths – it has access to some really solid 3-drops and landmark synergies that are difficult for the opponent to interact with.

Overall, I think the deck is perfect to try right now while the meta is still in the state of flux, and I do have hope that eventually it will even make its way into the Meta Tier List.


Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak and Deep to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's been constantly looking to improve his game. Also, he's been playing a lot of Path of Champions lately, and is really enjoying Jinx.

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