Deck of the Day: Tristana Splinter Soul Gunners

This inventive Bandle Allegiance deck uses Tristana and Impact keyword in conjunction with spicy SI techs such as Splinter Soul and Atrocity.
  • Origins

Hey there, it’s Sorry! In this article, I’m going to feature a Teemo Tristana Poppy Shadow Isles list, spiced up with a Bandle Gunners + Splinter Soul combo that deals a total of 12 (!) Impact damage.

Aggressive builds with Impact units have been growing in popularity lately, and it was a matter of time until a truly dedicated Impact deck with Tristana would emerge.

This Bandle Allegiance list, originally created by MonteXristo, relies on Tristana to enhance your board when she levels up, and thanks to a Shadow Isles splash, it also provides you with some impressive finisher combos.

  • Gameplan

Early on, we want to start swarming the board and pushing damage onto the opponent’s Nexus.

The cost reduction of multi-region units that Bandle City Mayor offers helps with this unit spam plan. Tenor of Terror and Gruff Grenadier both provide two bodies on one card, allowing you to apply additional pressure by going wide.

The deck runs a lot of multi-region cheap units to help level Tristana up quickly. The +1 power and an Impact keyword she will give to your units mean we will hit their Nexus hard. At the same time, due to an attack increase, even your cheap units will be able to trade up.

Tristana is constantly growing in power herself throughout the game, and due to the Quick Attack keyword, she will force chump blocks.

Both Teemo and Poppy act as supporting champions. Teemo helps push early damage while advancing the level-up condition of Tristana; as for Poppy, she synergizes with our go-wide plan.

As the game goes on your Tristana will eventually threaten lethal with Atrocity. This spell plays a crucial role as a finisher card once you’ve whittled down their health enough.

Bandle Gunners is the most original inclusion in this list. This 8-mana unit with Impact x4 will hit hard by itself, and the Spellshield means it won’t be easy to deal with.

But where it gets really crazy is when it comes to Bandle Gunners + Splinter Soul combo.

If played on your Bandle Gunners, Splinter Soul will summon an Ephemeral with 1/1 in stats, but because it’s an exact copy, the summon ability will trigger an additional time, leaving you with a 1/1 that has 8 Impact stacks!

This play will allow you to deal a total of 12 unblockable Impact damage when both of your Bandle Gunners go for the attack!

  • Verdict

The deck can dominate the board with all the units it can swarm, and the fun thing about the deck is that it takes Tristana – a champion that is extremely underplayed in the current meta – and actually makes her into a valuable champion in the list.

I’ve been playing this deck a lot on the ladder and I found it extremely entertaining – especially when you buff up the stats of Tristana enough to threaten lethal with the Atrocity play, or pull off the Splinter Soul combo.


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