Deck of the Day: Taric Demacia

With the buffs to Taric and Mountain Sojourners, there's now a new competitive way to build Demacia midrange.

Hello everyone, my name is Dragon and I welcome you all to another Deck of the Day!

The goal of these short write-ups is to regularly introduce you to the exciting decks and archetypes that are popping up constantly and are being rediscovered in the meta of Patch 2.11.

Each day, we’ll be showcasing one list that we think is worth your time. We’ll then follow it up with a commentary to cover the deck’s origin, its gameplan, and, in the end, we’ll be giving it a preliminary verdict.

We hope you’ll find the decks we share entertaining, and let us know what you think about this new format!

For today’s deck, I’ve ventured to explore Masters leaderboards and found an interesting list that was used last week to reach Rank 1 NA. Without further ado, here is Taric Demacia!

  • Origins

The idea that inspired Taric Demacia pairing is centered on the powerful combo Taric has with Golden Aegis.

Golden Aegis is a strong card in Demacia in general, but it’s even scarier with Taric since he can copy it, allowing you to double-rally for 4 mana.

Despite how powerful this combo is, it had seen only fringe play in the previous patches – Ionia Demacia with Shen was for a long time the unequivocally best way to build this type of Demacia midrange.

However, the most recent balance patch has given some meaningful buffs to cards that work alongside Taric. This archetype is now more consistent and feels very much competitive – The Black Boss was able to take the list above to Rank 1 in the Americas server, scoring over 200 LP.

  • Gameplan

This is a midrange Demacia deck that leverages combat to efficiently control the board and force the opponent into unfavorable situations.

Taric is a core piece of the archetype, rocking his new buff as a 3|5 to generate us value with his double-casting of spells. Another highlight of this deck is the newly buffed Mountain Sojourners. As a 4|5, the card is now a much more legitimate threat, and the permanent buffs it gives out can get terrifying if you have multiple support units.

This deck is different from other versions of Demacia in that it forgoes Fast-speed interactive tools in exchange for more units to fight for the board. We are fully focused on getting the maximum value from our supports.

Jarvan IV acts as a solid finisher for the list – in leveled form, he can start picking off enemy units every round. The list is also running 1 Garen over third Jarvan so we have another strong turn 5 play. Thanks to Regeneration, Garen is a great target for our permanent buffs.

  • Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

This deck has been very effective in the games I had played with it. Taric + Golden Aegis is a very powerful finisher, and even without it, you can easily build up some large boards with your permanent grant effects.

The list needs a wide board to get full value from all the support effects, and it wants to be ahead so that it can attack favorably. Against interaction-heavy decks, it can be difficult to achieve a threatening board position.

Additionally, this deck does not have interaction itself outside of Challenger units, making it difficult to deal with high-priority units outside of combat.

However, with the large number of units and buff effects, Taric Demacia can often outpace other midrange style decks and leverage multiple attacks with large units to close out games.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope I’ve inspired at least some of you to show your opponents your dazzling display of gems!


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