Deck of the Day: Sivir Demacia

This hidden gem of a list was originally built by BBG at the start of the expansion, but remains largely underplayed.
Sivir Demacia by BBG created by Agigas • last updated 2 years ago
  • Origins

Hey everyone, Agigas here! As I was digging through Mobalytics’ stats to find some underplayed strong archetypes, I believe I stumbled onto something exceptional.

This Sivir Akshan list currently holds the highest win rate in the game (among the decks in Plat+, with at least 250 games) with a 62.4% win rate over 410 games. After testing the deck, I can confirm to you that this insane win rate does not look like an aberration – the list is indeed extremely strong.

I’ve done some research, and it appears that BBG created this list 10 days ago. Despite a very strong performance with it, he didn’t stick with it for too long – which explains why the deck remains largely unknown. Keeping it secret for the Seasonal? 👀

  • Gameplan

Sivir Demacia is a midrange archetype, looking to create a strong board advantage to pressure the opponent. We can see there’s a lot of cheap, cost-efficient units in the list.

To further enable a board snowball, this archetype can grant the Challenger and Vulnerable keywords (through Penitent Squire and Merciless Hunter) to deal with the opponent’s key threats. Some of your units in the deck additionally benefit from those keywords – Sivir and Akshan thanks to Quick Attack, Honored Lord due to his Barrier, or any unit protected by Brightsteel Protector‘s Barrier.

With this strong focus on combat, Sivir naturally levels up pretty early into the game. Her ability to give your whole board Quick Attack and Spellshield makes it very hard for the opponent to stop the pressure, whether it is with units or spells.

The deck packs some very powerful combat tricks to back up its units. Sharpsight is a very efficient spell, Shaped Stone gets easily enabled by Akshan and Preservarium, and The Absolver combos very nicely with a level 2 Sivir.

All those combat tricks, as well as Brightsteel Protector, also synergize with Akshan’s landmarks. With an early Akshan, you’ll quickly get the value from Warlord’s Palace, and you might even get to completing the countdown on Warlord’s Hoard in longer games.

To round up that powerful, board-centric gameplan, Concerted Strike is a very cost-efficient removal, allowing you to interact at Fast speed. Finally, Preservarium provides a cheap draw effect, helping you to not run out of cards too early.

  • Verdict

Demacia Sivir is less popular than Ionia Sivir so far but shows a lot of promise in terms of its win rate. With its fast-paced game plan, the numerous synergies between the cards, and the access to some of the best tricks and removal, it’s hard to imagine how this deck could not end up competitive.

I have a lot of faith in this archetype, and I already have added it to our Tier List as a Tier 1 Dark Horse deck, and will watch closely how it will continue to perform.

However, it is important to remember that the patch 2.13 notes are coming tomorrow. Sivir, Merciless Hunter, and Ruin Runner are all extremely strong, and it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise to see this Sivir Demacia list being hit by a nerf to one of those.

We have no knowledge of what the patch notes will have in store, but just in case, I’d recommend you to get to playing this deck immediately as it seems pretty busted right now, and is very enjoyable to play. 😉

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