Deck of the Day: Senna Lux

Lux is a spell-oriented control champion that has struggled to find a good pairing for a long time. Is Senna here to save the Demacian mage?
  • Origins

Good evening card gamers, IzzetTinkerer here with a new deck from Beyond the Bandlewood.

Senna is one of my favorite champions from the new expansion. Currently, she is mostly seen in the dedicated Darkness archetype, supported by Veigar. However, I believe there’s a lot of room for experimentation with her.

I’ve always been a lover of control decks, and Senna is a control champion. There’s a lot of deck-building potential with Senna, especially when we start thinking of creative ways to make use of her passive that accelerates Slow spells to Fast.

That’s why for this deck feature I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and combined Senna with Lux. Demacia control deck featuring Lux and Karma was Tier 1 for a period of time during the Rising Tides season. After a series of nerfs – most notably to Karma and Grizzled Ranger – the archetype fell into decline simply because Demacia’s spells are overall not very strong.

  • Gameplan

Pairing Lux with Senna gives you more fuel for her level-up and more access to removal to support a control playstyle.

Our champions play very well off of each other. Both champions synergize to enhance your spells and keep generating value through them. Senna generates Darkness’es – cast two of them and you get a Final Spark for free. Senna can also accelerate Lux’s Final Spark to Fast speed!

Remembrance and Piercing Darkness are your other ways to level Lux quickly. The suite of Mageseeker cards works well with 6-cost spells and helps you contest the board.

The new Demacian Sentinel can grow to a 3/3 very quickly with a well-timed Go Hard or Vile Feast. Solari Sentinel and an Ixtali Sentinel generate more Darkness’es and help out with your removal needs.

Much like any control deck, with this list you want to be able to answer the enemy’s threats as they are being presented to you.

Keep in mind that double-passing in the early turns to play Remembrance or Piercing Darkness on turn 3 is rarely an acceptable line of play against Elusives and Sivir decks that are still meta mainstays.

The only time you’re okay to pass is on turn 4 – this way you can go into turn 5 to play Senna with full spell mana backup to then cast Darkness – but that’s a line I encourage only if you’re ahead on board.

Generally speaking, you want a reasonably mixed curve of units in your opening hand, with reactive spells to back them up. Go Hard is a card you usually keep, as it almost always has targets, and there has never been a time in testing where I’ve been unhappy to see Solari Sentinel.

  • Verdict

This is a control deck that has multiple avenues of winning. It can pressure the board well while enabling the spell synergies for the lovely ladies in charge.

A player who enjoys making constant decisions will love the deck like this. I can confidently say that this is the archetype that I’m going to keep pushing and fine-tuning in the first weeks of the new metagame.

Now we want to hear from you. Is this a shell that can make Lux shine again? Let us know in the comments below.


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