Deck of the Day: Piltoveran Pirates

If you enjoy burn decks that can switch between pressure and control depending on the matchup, check out Piltoveran Pirates!

Hello everyone, my name is MartinKartin and I welcome you all to another Deck of the Day! In today’s feature, I’m going to introduce a deck that I believe deserves more attention. It’s a Pirate deck, but with PnZ instead of your typical Noxus pairing.

  • Origins

The first original buff to Funsmith has happened more than a year ago during Rising Tides era, in Patch 1.14. After that, players started experimenting with PnZ Bilgewater builds featuring her, and a deck called Funsmith Burn was born.

I loved the archetype, and at that time I was playing Sozage’s version. The list was very different as compared to what it looks like now: it ran only Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate as its champions, plus two copies of Augmented Experimenter as a top-end.

Recent patches brought more changes that affected this archetype. Make it Rain, Double Up as well as The Dreadway have all been made cheaper. Gangplank is also now a fitting inclusion – he is very easy to level up thanks to Ballistic Bots.

  • Gameplan

This list plays like a synergistic aggro deck.

In the early game, you want to slowly chip away at enemy Nexus and progress your Gangplank’s level-up. Cards like Crackshot Corsair and Boomcrew Rookie help with this plan.

In the mid-game, Ballistic Bot and Miss Fortune are great at putting pressure on your opponent. Late game is the time to unleash our heavy hitters: Gangplank and The Dreadway. Aftershock and Double Up are good for dealing the last bits of damage to Nexus.

All your spells, as well as Twisted Fate, will pay off greatly if you have Funsmith, Powder Kegs, or The Dreadway on board. Zap Sprayfin is a good Elusive beater and it draws you a card.

If your early aggression didn’t work out, you have the option for a slower play, controlling the board with our damage spells and finishing with The Dreadway or Funsmith + a lot of damaging spells on their Nexus. This tactic is vital to adopt against opposing aggro decks, which tend to play faster. Make it Rain and Twisted Fate are important cards for keeping their boards nice and clean.

  • Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

Deck felt very consistent and fun to play. Even with bad hands, you can usually deal a ton of Nexus damage. It is easy to pick up and anyone should be able to pilot the deck fairly well – but mastering it requires dedication and it’s well worth it. 

I personally reached Masters only by playing this deck and it was a lot of fun. I can’t say I’ve felt that any meta decks gave me trouble – every game felt close and pretty intense.

You might like this deck if you enjoy classic Pirate Aggro, but want to enjoy some variety. Also, if you like Ez Gangplank, but feel like their win condition is too slow for this meta, Piltoveran Pirates is your choice.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope I’ve awoken a pirate spirit in some of you! Now excuse me, I need to plunder. Yarrr!


MartinKartin was always very passionate about card games since his childhood. He has big hopes for Legends of Runeterra and aspires to qualify for Worlds at some point. His current biggest achievement in LOR is winning the Twin Sunz Open.

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