Deck of the Day: Nami Piltover

While everyone out there is on the Zoe Nami train, Izzet Tinkerer embraced the spirit of the Daring Poro and paired Nami with Piltover!
  • Origins

Good evening aquatic gamers! IzzetTinkerer has returned.

Beyond the Bandlewood has already shaped up as one of Runeterra’s most diverse and powerful expansions. New decks have diversified the meta, and the recent nerfs to powerful Shurima staples have helped them shine.

My personal favorite champion from the new release, Nami, has found a few very strong shells – alongside Fizz with Bandle City Pranks, or Zoe with Targon cantrips like Guiding Touch and Pale Cascade.

Those with a decent memory will remember Twisted Fate Fizz as the meta-defining deck it was at the beginning of this year. That deck received multiple nerfs, which put the aggressive Elusive style with Twisted Fate as a value engine out of contention. I believe a very similar archetype may still be out there.

  • Gameplan

Our plan is similar to the Twisted Fate Fizz decks. Play Elusives, play Ballistic Bot, spam spells, and profit. Nami is what makes the deck possible again, as each spell translates into a stat increase to your weenie Elusives.

The big incentive to playing Piltover is Poro Cannon. It gets us more cheap Elusives, and it also has the added benefit of being Burst speed and costing 0 mana. Therefore, you can use it to counter a removal spell pointed at Fizz even when you’re tapped out.

Other new cards include Marai Songstress, which is always enabled in this deck. Fleet Admiral Shelly has become a staple with Nami, and this deck goes wider than most Nami variants, meaning the Admiral gives out a lot of stats.

Suit Up! was always a key card in those Twisted Fate Fizz decks, and it puts in the same work here, making Elusives bigger, or helping your Nami survive damage.

Every other spell in the deck can be found with Zap Sprayfin. The appeal of playing Piltover also includes access to Mystic Shot and Get Excited! – an interaction that most Nami decks don’t have access to, doubling as burn to close out the game if needed.

The cheeky inclusion of two Sumpworks Map is ideal to get Nami, or more likely, a huge Ballistic Bot in to for additional damage.

This deck plays to the board quite a bit. In your opening hand, you want a balanced ratio of Elusives and ways to interact with the opponent. Ballistic Bot and Nami are almost always cards you snap-keep.

  • Verdict

This deck style is very punishing, as anyone with prior experience with the Twisted Fate version will remember. Those who fondly remember the degeneracy of Twisted Fate Fizz will find themselves very much at home with a deck like this.

This list curves out well with Fizz, Elusives, and Poros. After that, the deck generates value very easily with Nami and any amount of extra mana.

We consistently generate spells with Ballistic Bot and Wiggly Burblefish, and find more spells with Zap Sprayfin. As long as you have something with Elusive, this deck has a chance.


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