Deck of the Day: Fizz Nami Bandle City

Fizz and Nami are definitely ruling the seas after day 1 of the expansion!
Nami Fizz created by Mezume • last updated 2 years ago
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Hey everyone, it’s Mezume! We’ve just gotten a new patch and that means a ton of new options for deckbuilding and exploring. With the countless new cards and exciting champions, everyone jumped in to create decks – here is one of them.

Nami and her package were a somewhat controversial release – some players felt a little underwhelmed by this kind of a purely supportive backline champion, while many others saw a ton of opportunities to build around her in a swarm aggro list. I am definitely in the latter camp, and I’ve enjoyed playing with Nami decks during day 1.

Beyond the Bandlewood brought a multitude of Elusive support cards – both in Bilgewater and Bandle City, so the best idea is to, of course, combine the two regions. Fizz was waiting for this archetype to get some love since forever!

There is no optimized list of Fizz Nami Bandle City as of yet, as the expansion is only just out. That said, it feels really powerful to play and is likely to stay around even after the meta settles.

  • Gameplan

Nami Fizz is an aggressive deck, but it definitely has more finesse to it than a simple swarm or burn deck.

To win through just your Elusive units is quite difficult – you will often need help from other sources, such as Nami, Fleet Admiral Shelly, and the various disruption tools in the form of Pranks.

The role of Fizz in the deck is obvious: it is to be as obnoxious as huma.. err, fizzly possible.

You play a bunch of cheap spells that can be used to protect Fizz, as well as even more cheap spell generators to give him Elusive. He will rarely be your sole win condition, but he definitely helps you get there through the persistent chip damage he provides.

Nami is a bit more subtle – she will naturally level rather easily and will continue providing value by buffing your weakest units; letting them trade up or push more damage. On top of that, her champion spell, Ebb, can come in very handy in multiple situations.

Many of your units are Elusive, but have some extra utility to them – Kelp Maiden creates Pranks, Zap Sprayfin draws cards, while Fleet Admiral Shelly is a win condition in itself due to the board-wide buff.

The deck has two ways of executing its gameplan – growing Elusive units is the first one, while the other is simply swarming the board. The curve of this deck is quite low and cards like Marai Warden and Tenor of Terror create more than one body in one action. Combined with Shelly and Nami (especially when she is leveled), this can create a board, wide and strong enough to overpower any opponent.

Overall, the deck’s plan contains a few simple steps. Generate a multitude of spells through Conchologist, Otterpus, and others; build a wide board or stick some Elusive units onto it, and finally, buff that board up with Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly.

  • Verdict

The moment I saw Nami’s champion card, I knew I wanted to build with her – I’ve tried many versions, including those with Poppy, but settled on this particular one.

While it is difficult to judge a deck’s power level in a complete mess of an environment that is day 1 of a new expansion, I found Nami Fizz to have many of the tools needed to be a viable deck.

It can fight off more aggressive decks with Pranks and low curve and has a surprising amount of fuel against control – it is quite likely that when stronger decks emerge, Nami Fizz will have to be refined further to stay relevant, but I have faith that it will be able to adapt and keep its place in the meta.

I can certainly recommend this deck to anyone who enjoys playing Elusives, but also to those who love meticulously planning – there is a fair amount to account for before you choose your play each turn!


Mezume is a competitive Legends of Runeterra player with an unexplained love for midrange decks. He believes the important thing is not the end result of the game, but the choices made within it. Loves learning more about the game and sharing that knowledge with others!

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