Deck of the Day: Fizz Draven

Meta is starting to forget about Fizz, so you'd better remind them!
Draven Fizz by Faint created by twinsunz • last updated 2 years ago
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Elusive is one of the most powerful keywords in the game. Over the course of history of Legends of Runeterra, it has fallen in and out of the highest tiers – using various builds, with various regions.

This deck above is unique in a few ways. Firstly, it utilizes the Bilgewater Elusive package, including Fizz. While some of these cards have seen solid play previously, a lot of them like Slippery Waverider and Golden Narwhal have not.

Another unique aspect here is that it uses Noxus, which has no Elusive units. What Noxus does offer though, is a lot of damage potential. Firstly it can add burn damage with cards like Legion Saboteur, Decimate, Noxian Fervor, and more. Secondly, Noxus provides a lot of really cheap attack buff spells, which do fit perfectly with Elusive units.

So let’s jump into the game plan and see how all these pieces fit together.

  • Gameplan:

The strategy with Elusive decks is pretty straightforward. You want to burn your opponent’s Nexus down at all costs.

This is even more true in this version compared to something like the old Kinkou Elusives, which actually had a lot of protection spells to keep your units alive.

Here we want to flood the board early and fast and buff the power of our units in a wide variety with cards like Brother’s Bond and Elixir of Wrath. We want to save these buffs for units that are getting through to the Nexus, which in most cases will be your Elusive units.

Sometimes though, Precious Pet with Fearsome or even Draven can go unblocked, in which case you should feel free to drop some buffs on them. We are not really worried about trading efficiently with this deck, we just want to deal 20 damage to Nexus as soon as possible.

As the game progresses you will start to burn out a bit as we aren’t running a lot of draw cards, so you need to utilize your higher cost cards very efficiently. Save your Decimates to finish the game, save your Thorned Blades for an extra 5 damage to the Nexus, and save your Noxian Fervors to get around your opponent’s removal.

One of my favorite aspects about this deck is the synergy between Fizz, Zap Sprayfin, Slippery Waverider, and the cheap Noxus buff spells.

Firstly, Draven’s Spinning Axes are great with Fizz for giving him Elusive, avoiding removal, and leveling him. Elixir of Wrath is also really solid in this because 1 mana for 3 damage is huge. This really starts to shine when you see the power of Attune on these top-end followers. In a burn deck, every single gem of mana matters, and that extra spell mana really adds to a lot of extra damage potential to make for a very solid burn deck.

Mulligans for aggro decks are typically straightforward. Here you just want to see some early drops between 1 and 2 mana. Any of the drops here are great, so if you have some of those, you can start to consider keeping Elixir of Wrath or Brother’s Bond. Furthermore, if you have a solid curve for 1 and 2, it is alright to keep Draven as well.

  • Verdict: 7 out of 10

Elusive decks overall are quite meta-dependent, since most of the time they are one-dimensional. Playing these decks in an environment that lacks removal or healing will yield the best results.

However, lately, the meta has seen a literal invasion of the various Elusive lists, most notably Zed Lulu. Reacting to that, the environment has started to adjust, and so removal-based lists like Ezreal Draven appeared as a counter.

It affected Fizz Draven’s stance in the meta, but it still remains viable as fun off-the-beaten-path option that will give you the power of surprise.

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