Deck of the Day: Ezreal Elnuks

Elnuks are back! Ezreal joins forces with Troop of Elnuks to carry this midrange archetype that once dominated LoR.

Hello everyone, my name is Dragon and I welcome you all to ‘Deck of the Day’ – a new series on RuneterraCCG!

The goal of these short write-ups is to regularly introduce you to the new exciting decks and archetypes that are popping up constantly in the revitalized meta of Patch 2.11.

Each day, we’ll be showcasing one list that we think is worth your time. We’ll then follow it up with a commentary to cover the deck’s origin, its gameplan, and, in the end, we’ll be giving it a preliminary verdict.

We hope you’ll find the decks we share entertaining, and let us know what you think about this new format!

For the first post in this series, I wanted to go with my favorite Day 1 brew: It’s Elnuk time!

  • Origins

The list that I started with came from den, who featured an Elnuk concept in his ‘Day 1 decks’ article on RuneterraCCG. I made some adjustments based on what I was running into on the ladder, which, unsurprisingly turned out to be a LOT of Lurker decks.

The Elnuks tribe has been in a weak state ever since the nerf to Troop of Elnuks over a year ago. With this new patch, however, we’ve got some so desperately-needed new cards for the tribe that are going to make Elnuks a very fun, and maybe even competitive, deck.

  • Gameplan

The main part of the gameplan of this deck is to drop Troop of Elnuks as early as possible and use the board presence it gives to close out the game – or stall long enough to enable Ezreal as a win condition.

This new patch has brought many tools that have revitalized the Elnuk archetype. The Volunteer Elnuk is a solid body that generates another of its tribe in your deck that you can then pull with a Troop. Additionally, we now have more Predict cards in PnZ to help us find the pieces we need to pull off our synergies.

Digging back through the pile of older cards that can go along with Elnuks, we’ve included Pack Mentality. While this spell is Slow speed, it allows a wide board of Elnuks to quickly turn into a game-ending threat that is difficult for many decks to answer.

Along with the board-based win condition of Elnuks, we are also running Ezreal as our deck’s champion. While we could also potentially include a second champion in this deck, I decided to stick with only Ezreal, and honestly, the deck felt just fine.

With our various freezes and removal tools, we should be able to level up Ezreal seamlessly and his passive will help push through the last bit of damage when our Elnuks aren’t enough.

  • Verdict: 7.0 out of 10

For this section, I’d like to go over the current decklist and try to assess how powerful it feels after getting in some reps on the ladder.

The deck has felt solid in the games I’ve played so far and surprisingly consistent at being able to establish a wide board of Elnuks. While the list is solid in the mid-game with its board-oriented plan, it’s susceptible in the early game to aggressive decks that get under it and can lose the late-game to decks that are able to push through Elnuks to end games.

Still, the deck can have powerful turns and overwhelm opponents that aren’t prepared, and few things are as glorious as when you hit the coveted 5 Elnuk hit off of Troop of Elnuks.

It’s still early in the expansion so I expect this list will only continue to improve. Thank you all for reading, and I hope I’ve inspired at least some of you to venture forth and summon your Elnuk armies to crash down upon your opponents.

Come back tomorrow for another featured Deck of the Day on RuneterraCCG!


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