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Deck of the Day: Draven Sion

This new Discard-oriented archetype has established itself as one of the most succesful decks in the early Beyond the Bandlewood meta.
Draven Sion by TheBlackBoss created by Agigas • last updated 2 years ago
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Hey everyone, Agigas here! Draven Sion was one of the most hyped-up archetypes during the spoiler season, as the new Discard tools looked really strong. In the first few days of this new meta, the deck did not disappoint.

Draven Sion is currently the second most-played archetype on the ladder and holds a great 55.6% win rate in Platinum+ according to Mobalytics’ stats. Several players already got to Masters by playing this deck, and the list presented in this article is from TheBlackBoss, who was the first player to hit Masters on the NA server this season.

So far, players have been building the archetype in many different ways. Some of them are tunneling on the aggressive game plan, featuring tools from the Draven Jinx archetype, while others put their trust in the midrange game plan, with cards like Ravenous Flock and Aloof Travelers.

It is hard to say which route is the best as we don’t have much data, but so far the versatile version presented in this article has been doing great.

  • Gameplan

Draven Sion is an aggro-midrange archetype. Through leveraging Discard effects, the deck is able to gain tempo and value advantages, playing both for pressure and value at the same time.

The deck consists of 2 core parts: the Discard effects, and the Discard payoffs.

Many of our Discard effects also net us some value. Zaunite Urchin, Grave Physician, Sump Dredger, and Rummage all allow us to cycle through our deck while discarding. Poro Cannon doesn’t help us draw but creates value in the form of 2 Elusive Poros. Get Excited! is a very strong spell, allowing us to interact with the opponent’s key units or to finish their Nexus through burn.

Discard payoffs allow us to gain various advantages. Reborn Grenadier, Ancient Warmonger, and Survival Skills all have a direct impact on the board. Fallen Rider and Lost Soul, on the other end, allow us to use our Discard effects without losing out on cards. Lost Soul is particularly impressive – it provides endless stream of Discard fodder and keeps generating board presence throughout the game.

Draven is a key early unit for the deck. With his strong stats and a Quick Attack keyword, he creates pressure. The Spinning Axes he generates are free fodder for our Discard effects, but also enablers for our cards with a Discard payoff. This versatility will make our deck much more consistent.

Because Draven is so important to ensure smooth synergies, the deck plays 2 Draven’s Biggest Fan to increase our odds of finding him on turn 3.

Our second champion, Sion, is a very powerful top-end finisher. He always comes down leveled on-curve, making it very hard for the opponent to survive this big Overwhelm unit without a direct counter.

  • Verdict

So far Draven Sion has been very impressive on the ladder, as it shapes the current meta alongside Darkness and Sivir Demacia. It has a very solid matchup table, one particularly interesting perk being its good matchup against Sivir Demacia.

The deck already helped many players get to Masters, and it easily gets a Tier 1 spot in our Meta Tier List.

We’re still very early into the season, so everything is subject to changes, but I expect Draven Sion to have a bright future thanks to its good matchups against Sivir Demacia and Azir Irelia, two decks that will become more and more popular as the meta stabilizes.

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