Deck Guides

Swain Gnar Deck Guide

Among the new decks introduced by the expansion, Swain Gnar feels like one of the most refined and cohesive. Learn to pilot it with Den!

Lulu Ahri Deck Guide

This guide by Agigas is dedicated to a unique Lulu Ahri Flame Chompers archetype - currently it is one of the best-performing decks in the meta.

Riven Vi Deck Guide

If you have always liked combo decks in card games and are looking for something new to play, Agigas recommends this very fun and competitive archetype.

Zoe Vi Deck Guide

Although Zoe Vi has never been a meta dominant deck, in the hands of a good player, it will hold its ground against many popular meta decks.

Jayce Lux Deck Guide

Jayce Lux is the best-performing version of Jayce's deck in the current meta - learn how to pilot it in the in-depth guide by Sorry.