Meta Decks

Zoe/Lee Sin Deck Guide & Matchups

Learn all about one of the hottest decks on the ladder right now - Zoe/Lee Sin Combo! In this article, Agigas provides basic tips for piloting it and goes into detail covering all of its matchups.

Fiora/Shen Deck Guide & Matchups

Continuing our series of Cosmic Creation meta deck guides, here's another one! Learn all about Fiora/Shen - a deck that has been at the top for so long now that it is hard to even remember a meta without it.

Endure Spiders Deck Guide

The Freljord-Shadow Isles list with a focus on They Who Endure has risen in power recently. This archetype is especially notable for its consistently high winrate throughout the myriad of metas it endured. It's also very fun to play!