Category: Meta Decks


Lulu Jinx Deck Guide

Lulu has been waiting for a long time to finally get her slice of the meta pie – and combined with Jinx, she now has a solid Tier 2 archetype.


Karma Ezreal Deck Guide

After Karma and Will of Ionia buffs in Patch 2.11, this archetype that traces its beginnings to the Open Beta has made an impressive comeback.


Akshan Sivir Deck Guide

After the release of Sentinels of Light, the pairing of Sivir and Akshan in a tempo-based Ionia Shurima deck have started gaining traction.


Thresh Nasus Deck Guide and Matchups

Updated for Patch 2.12! Thresh Nasus is a midrange deck that leverages sacrifice synergies, and it has been at the top of the meta for several seasons.


Taric Jarvan IV Deck Guide

Soldiers of Demacia! Give your Dragons deck a rest, there’s a new exciting – and competitive – way to play in your favorite midrange style!


Ekko Zilean Deck Guide

Ekko is Zilean is a new skill-rewarding deck that is centered around Predict – learn to pilot it with Den!


Azir Irelia Deck Guide

Azir Irelia has taken meta by storm – learn to pilot this explosive aggro/combo archetype!


Lucian Azir Deck Guide

This aggressive deck that uses Scouts and Rally effects is the best shell for Azir so far.


Nasus Thresh Deck Guide

Nasus Thresh is a fun and so far very underplayed midrange deck that can carry you to Masters.


Pirate Aggro Deck Guide & Matchups

This guide is dedicated to Pirate Aggro – a deck looking to put monumental pressure on the opponent’s Nexus and finish quickly with lots of burn damage.