RuneterraCCG Custom Card Contest – Win a Worldbreaker Chip Guardian!

Share your custom Legends of Runeterra cards with us - submissions open until March 18, 18:00 CET!

Share your custom Legends of Runeterra cards with us in RuneterraCCG Discord – the two best designs will be awarded with a Worldbreaker Chip Guardian!

  • Submissions are open in the #custom-card-contest channel of our Discord right now!
    • The cut-off to enter the competition is March 18, 18:00 CET!
  • Submissions are limited to 3 cards maximum per contestant.
    • In case of going over the limit you’ll need to revise and leave only 3 cards.
    • Champion package (Level 1, Level 2, champ spell + any champ-related tokens) count as a single-card submission. You can still submit two more cards.
    • Quality over quantity! The number of submitted cards doesn’t affect your chances of winning.
  • Our Judging Panel: Skilled Roy (Twitter | Youtube), Shane (Twitter | Youtube), Den (Twitter).
    • They will be following the submissions channel during the competition.
    • After the submission are closed they will pick two winners.
    • The criteria are: Balance, Design, Flavor, Clarity.
  • Winners will be announced on March 19! Follow the announcements on our Discord and Twitter!

Click here to check out submissions & results!

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