Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 9: The Scargrounds and Monastery of Hirana

No champion teasers today, but Bilgewater, Freljord, and Ionia fans all got themselves new toys - two landmarks among them!

Today we’re taking it easy with the new champions hype. After the stunning Viktor showcase yesterday, there no big reveals or even significant teasers on that front this time.

However, it doesn’t mean we have nothing to show for the day – to the contrary, the whole bunch of 7 new cards were spoiled! Bilgewater, Freljord, and Ionia fans got new toys – two landmarks among them.

Check out all the reveals below, but also make sure to stop by our Cosmic Creation Card Image Gallery to catch up on the spoilers that you might have missed. And as always, feel welcome to join the discussion on our Discord!

  • The Scargrounds

Freljord’s second landmark, The Scargrounds, comes in to boost the self-damage synergies that are scattered not only across the Northern region itself but also among Bilgewater and Noxus cards. Tough is a great keyword to get if you want to continually keep damaging your allies for value.

  • It That Stares

Another one of the mysterious bale strider breed. Similar to She Who Wanders, it has the AOE ability – though the one that is arguably less powerful and more situational. Two points of damage across the board is not that impressive in the late game, and landmarks can be a rare sight.

  • Monastery of Hirana

The new Ionia landmark is an engine that is tailor-made to abuse the powerful enter-the-battlefield abilities of other units. Be it Shadow Assassin, Zap Sprayfin, or even Twisted Fate – bounce and replay them at your leisure. Note that Sanctuary can’t be used as a combat trick to save an ally from removal – which is certainly a fair limitation.

  • Homecoming

A variation on Will of Ionia, Homecoming has the added bonus when you can take advantage of the tempo difference. Bounce your 1-drop to recall their Tryndamere – it will feel good!

  • Boomship

This is a unique removal spell that rewards you for stacking Kegs – but in a new, previously never experienced way. With one Keg on the ready, you deal two points of damage – as you would – but you essentially go up a Keg in this case, which seems like an interesting proposition.

  • Wiggly Burblefish

This unit looks like it belongs to some Fizz archetype, but can also fit with any Elusive strategy that relies enough on spell casting. Ideally, you would want this to cost 2 mana or less to feel like a good proposition.

That’s all we have for today, but come back tomorrow for the fresh batch of daily spoilers!

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