Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 8: Viktor Reveal

No surprises there, Viktor is indeed the new Piltover and Zaun champion!

A technocrat-idealist, he comes from Zaun – a murky underbelly of the city of progress that is Piltover. Viktor believes in a glorious evolution of technology, only through which humanity’s potential can be fully realized. Learn more about his lore at the League of Legends official universe page!

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  • Viktor Level 1, Viktor Level 2, and Hex Core Upgrade

‘Augment’ keyword on a unit means that it will permanently get +1|+0 every time you play any created card (i.e. any card spawned by some other card of effect). There have been quite a few followers with Augment among the PnZ reveals already.

Viktor enables it’s own Augment synergy by creating ‘Hex Core Upgrade’ fleeting spell every turn. There are a ton of keywords that could be theoretically generated by this card – both great ones (Quick Attack, Barrier) and bad ones (Fleeting, Vulnerable). We currently don’t know if there’s some ‘controlled element’ to this RNG effect, and if the ‘bad’ keywords have the same chance of appearing as the ‘good’ ones.

However, we do know of a card with a similar ability to generate ‘random’ keywords – Plunder Poro. It indeed has a limited pool of possible hits, all ‘good’ keywords.

  • Death Ray – MK 1, Iterative Improvement

Death Ray – MK 1 is Victor’s champion spell – it means whenever you have a Viktor card in play, any additional copies of the champion card will transform in its champion spell. However, Death Ray – MK 1 is also a collectible card as well that could be included in decks independently of Viktor.

Death Ray – MK 1 shuffles a created Death Ray – MK 2 card into the deck. When you would draw and play it, it will trigger Augment (the same goes for MK 3 version). As for Iterative Improvement – it is the kind of card that screams ‘combo potential’ for sure.

Come back tomorrow for the new reveals – we’re expecting some Noxus cards that are teasing the reveal of the region’s new champion.

You can also catch up on all the previous spoilers in our card image gallery. Also, click on this link for all your essential info about the upcoming Cosmic Creation expansion.


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