Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 7: Calculated Creations, Hexcore Foundry, Aftershock

The spoiler season is picking up the pace, and today we’ve seen a bunch of Piltover and Zaun cards, setting up for the champion reveal tomorrow. We’ve got a couple of aggressive followers that highlight the brand new ‘Augment’ keyword, as well as the second PnZ landmark (in addition to The University of Piltover released in Mountains of Power).

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  • Calculated Creations

The card art pictures Viktor, effectively confirming him as the new PnZ champion. Calculated Creations is a burst-speed spell that offers you a choice of 3 followers to create – it is not random, you get to pick the option you want. It looks like a perfect Augment enabler (a unit with this keyword will permanently get +1|+0 every time you play any created card).

Scroll down to inspect the follower cards as well: Ballistic Bot, Armed Gearhead, and Nyandroid (note that all of those units are collectible cards in their own right and are not only to be created but can be maindecked as well).

  • Ballistic Bot

Following in the theme, Ballistic Bot creates a Fleeting 1-cost burn spell Ignition that can be used to proc Augment on your allies.

  • Armed Gearhead

Quick Attack and Augment is a synergistic pairing of keywords on Armed Gearhead – a couple of triggers will allow this unit to attack past most 2-drops and 3-drops.

  • Nyandroid

Professor von Yipp has gone rogue! Augment on an Elusive unit looks quite scary, given that so many card generation already exists in the game (Gem’s, Draven’s Axes, even Poro Cannon, you name it).

  • Hexcore Foundry

This kind of symmetrical draw effect is at best when you are able to make use of your cards faster than your opponent. It means that Aggressive and Discard decks are where this landmark has a chance of finding a home.

  • Aftershock

Rounding up today’s spoilers with PnZ own way of removing landmarks. 3 damage to anything (including opponent’s Nexus) is a solid backup plan if you can’t find a primary target for this spell.

Come back tomorrow for the new dose of daily spoilers, and follow reveals along with our card image gallery. Also, check out this article for all your starter info about the upcoming Cosmic Creation expansion.


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