Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 14: Riven Reveal

The Cosmic Creation spoiler season has reached its Grand Finale! Riven, one of the most beloved champions from the world of League of Legends has finally joined Legends of Runeterra!

As fully expected, Riven, The Exile, ties up the Reforge package that we’ve been shown yesterday. The cards with this ‘Reforge’ keyword create the ‘Blade Fragments’, which are 1-mana Burst spells that have similar cast limitations as Gems. There are a total of 3 pieces of the ‘Blade of the Exile’ to collect. Once you’ve cast them all, you get a Blade of the Exile spell for free.

Check out the Riven Reveal trailer, and take a look at the last batch of Cosmic Creation reveals below! Also, feel free to stop by our Discord to share your opinions and reactions!

  • Riven, Riven Level 2, Riven’s Weapon Hilt & Reforge package

Riven is both a powerful body and a value engine. She has a level-up condition that is both achievable and abusable. Blade of the Exile as a spell gets much worse from being Slow, but Riven has access to enough synergies across Runeterra to make her work (most notably, in Targon) even without trying to stick a Blade on her.

  • Sharpened Resolve, Survival Skills

A straightforward Burst-speed combat trick that is Sharpened is well-suited for Riven who conveniently has 1 more health than attack herself. Survival Skills is a very interesting mini-Unyielding Spirit effect for decks that run discard.

That’s all we’ll be getting in the upcoming ‘Cosmic Creation’ expansion! On Tuesday expect the Patch Notes that will contain the additional info about the release and the cosmetic items that will accompany it. And on Wednesday, December 16, we’ll all be logging into our clients to enjoy the new cards!

Thanks for staying with us throughout this spoiler season. Stop by our Card Image Gallery to review the full spoiler, and check back later for an in-depth Riven and associated cards rankings.

Enjoy the Cosmic Creation!


Rainmaker’s love for Legends of Runeterra was born from his passion for Magic: The Gathering and League of Legends. His aspiration is to enjoy and improve in all the aspects of LoR - be it brewing, tuning, piloting, or drafting - and report all of his experiences along the way!


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