Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 12: Arrel the Tracker, Hunt the Weak, Wrathful Rider

The new spoilers undoubtedly tease the arrival of Riven tomorrow - in fact, she is even depicted in one of the card's arts!

Unfortunately, all of the Noxus cards from today’s reveal were leaked yesterday, so if you’ve been following the subject closely – there won’t be any surprises for you in-store.

The new spoilers undoubtedly tease the arrival of Riven tomorrow – in fact, she is even depicted in one of the card’s arts! (the Wrathful Rider, see the image above).

The reveals introduce a new theme, which is all about affecting the enemy’s Weakest followers. We might surmise that Riven will also call back to that mechanic in some way or another. Check out all the new cards below, and as always, feel free to hop into our Discord and join the spoiler conversation!

  • Arrel the Tracker

Most of the followers showed off today look pretty cookie-cutter, so let’s get straight to the most exciting one right away. Arrel is obviously meant to synergize with Targon – Gems and Pale Cascade are awesome with her ability. However, 6-mana is pretty steep of a cost for a card that is essentially meant to act as a value-over-time engine.

  • Brutal Hunter

Challenger and Quick Attack is a powerful combination, as already successfully demonstrated by Diana. A temporary Quick Attack though means that there’s still a good deal of what can be done by your opponents in terms of playing around Brutal Hunter. Any combat disruption – like Stun or Frostbite – would shut down this follower hard.

  • Wrathful Rider

There doesn’t seem to be anything exciting about Wrathful Rider, except that it is Riven who is opposing her. It is possible that she would trade up on mana some of the time, but you aren’t very likely to make a good profit off of including Rider in your deck. This follower is an ‘Expedition extra cast’ – at best.

  • Hunt the Weak

I didn’t expect to see hand disruption in Legends of Runeterra, but here we are! The downfall of these kinds of effects is always in the fact that the opponent didn’t spend any mana to discard his card. It was you who did! With Hunt the Weak, you’re both down one card as a result, but you’re also down 2 mana. This kind of exchange needs a lot of synergy/utility to be worth it.

Today’s cards are few and maybe not that exciting, but I’m sure the Riven showcase tomorrow will more than make up for it! Come back tomorrow for the Noxus champion reveal that should serve as a grand finale to the Cosmic Creation spoiler season.

In the meantime, catch up on all the reveals you’ve missed in the Card Image Gallery. Also, read up on Zoe in this in-depth review of the champion and new Targon cards!

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