Concurrent Timelines + Bandle City: Find Your Opponent’s Darkest Timeline!

Today Sorry has a treat for all of us off-meta geeks - this Concurrent Timelines brew is truly some unique gameplay experience!
  • Origins

Hey, Sorry here! Today I’ve picked an interesting deck to feature – it’s a Bandle City Concurrent Timelines deck.

The Concurrent Timelines archetype existed before as a meme deck, and with the Bandle City region added to the game along with new cards from the newest expansion, we have many new tools to experiment with the concept.

I was minding my own business on the ladder, playing some good old meta decks when out of the blue I see this championless Timelines brew piloted by the player Offmetapelaaja. Obviously, with my superior meta deck, I was going to beat this awkward Timelines deck easily, right? Nope. Didn’t happen.

I lost and now the list is here, as the Deck of the Day! Now with some spicy new cards added to its toolbox, the archetype might just become the new meta deck! Probably not though, it’s likely still a meme deck – but a fun one!

  • Gameplan

During the mulligan phase you’re all-in on looking for one specific card, Concurrent Timelines. If you don’t find Concurrent Timelines in your opening hand, Time Trick allows you to look for it.

The whole deck relies heavily on Timelines. If you already have it in the opening hand you can mulligan for your early units, like Fallen Feline, Conchologist, and Loping Telescope.

All your units have their own unique abilities, for which they usually have to pay with their subpar statlines. With Concurrent Timelines, you’ll transform those low-statted units into one of 3 random followers of the same cost – getting a new improved body, but triggering an initial ability.

Swole Scout, activating its ability is pretty easy with cards like Pokey Stick, Time Trick, and Hidden Pathways – the +1|0 and Elusive keyword are solid buffs to your unit. These buffs will carry on to the follower you will get Swole Scout to transform into, meaning you will pick a unit with better stats than 3|2.

Rissu, The Silent Storm is another follower with a strong ability that summons a 7-3 unit with Impact. The only problem is that Rissu is a 1|1, making it extremely underwhelming. Well, not if you have Concurrent Timelines activated, which will enable you to transform Rissu into a proper 5-mana follower!

Lastly, Defective Swapbot, which is a fun card to ruin your opponent’s day. Most often, you’ll play Defective Swapbot targeting an opponent’s threat, and then picking the worst stats among the options afforded by the Timelines. Those stats will then get transferred to the enemy unit, allowing you to possibly kill it off with Mystic Shot or Aftershock.

You’re basically playing a pure value deck, constantly ‘re-rolling’ your units while taking advantage of their tricks. Your win condition is to either run your opponent out of blockers and start smacking the Nexus – or rely on your Swole Scout’s Elusive keyword to chip in damage to the Nexus and eventually end the game.

At this point you can guess why we’re not running any champions in the list – Concurrent Timelines affects followers only. Keep in mind that its effect is also limited to one follower per turn.

  • Verdict

Bandle City Timeline deck might not be one of the top decks out there nor a consistent deck for climbing the ladder, but it sure is one of the most entertaining decks to play.

The randomness along with thinking outside of the box makes the archetype challenging to play, each game differs from the other tremendously, which carries a new experience every time you queue for a game.

The followers you transform your units into can create various, often unexpected win conditions, so stay flexible – and, most importantly, have fun!


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