Champion Skins Giveaway – Winners Are Chosen!

This summer was one of the most memorable times in Legends of Runeterra history!

Viego and Akshan joined the roster of LoR champions as a part of a huge cross-game event, a ton of beautiful Ruination-themed cosmetics were added into the game, and we’ve witnessed one of the most diverse competitive metas ever.

So let’s celebrate this great season of LoR that we’ve enjoyed together!

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win one of 2 ‘Hope and Ruin’ bundles, each featuring 7 skins from the Ruined/Sentinels theme!

The prizes are provided by our awesome and generous team member, Den. Check out his on Twitter and feel free to ask him about anything LoR-related, and for coaching, look for him on Metafy.

The Skins Bundle Giveaway


Rainmaker’s love for Legends of Runeterra was born from his passion for Magic: The Gathering and League of Legends. His aspiration is to enjoy and improve in all the aspects of LoR - be it brewing, tuning, piloting, or drafting - and report all of his experiences along the way!

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