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5 Insanely Fun Off-Meta Decks to Enjoy in Normals

Looking for some ways to break the routine of Ranked grind? This article will help you spice it up! We cover a bunch of fresh off-meta builds, enabled by the Rising Tides set: a new way to utilize Professor von Yipp in combination with Bilgewater, an updated version of the Shiraza overwhelm one-hit-kill combo and more!

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Expeditions Explained | New Draft Mode Overview Trailer | Legends of Runeterra

Ready to embark? Pre-register at for a chance to play in the upcoming Expeditions Preview Patch! Join the community and see more:WEBSITE: https://playruneterra.comDISCORD: you are hereTWITCH:…TWITTER:… 0:00 Intro0:21 Picks and Trades1:00 Deck Archetypes2:00 Synergy...