‘Call of the Mountain’ Expansion Featuring Targon Region Arrives August 26!

The new Legends of Runeterra expansion 'Call of the Mountain' featuring Targon region arrives August 26, with spoiler season starting on August 11!

The new Legends of Runeterra expansion ‘Call of the Mountain’ featuring Targon region arrives August 26, with spoiler season starting on August 11!

The Call of the Mountain expansion will contain 7 new champions as well as 82 other cards. In the official reveal trailer, the new Targon champs seem to be disguised as constellations. Since there are seven constellations depicted in the trailer, it could mean that there will be seven champions in the Targon region as well. We know the names of the six Targon champions from voiceline leaks (SPOILER ALERT!), while the 7th one remains a complete mystery.

With the upcoming Call of the Mountain expansion Legends of Runeterra shifts to a new card release schedule – an expansion every two months, with 3 expansions being grouped thematically into bigger ‘sets’. Here’s an explanation of the structure, as provided in the official article accompanying the Targon reveal:

  • An expansion is all the cards, champions, cosmetics, and game modes released with a major patch (roughly every two months). Each expansion will have a unique name; this next one is Call of the Mountain!
  • set is a thematically and mechanically cohesive group of cards released over one or more expansions. The set shares its name with the first of these expansions—for example, the cards released in August, October, and December will all be part of the Call of the Mountain set. (This will matter down the line when it comes to deckbuilding rules for different formats and modes!)
  • Lastly, a new Ranked season starts whenever a new expansion is released and shares its name (so in this case, the Call of the Mountain Ranked season). Each Ranked season has a unique icon for you to earn based on which tier you reach.

Here’s how the Call of the Mountain set, that will be released throughout the remainder of the year, is mapped out:

Some additional notes on the Legends of Runeterra expansions release schedule (source):

  • The first expansion in a set will be larger (for Call of the Mountain, you’re looking at 89 collectible cards with 7 champions), containing all the cards needed to introduce the new region’s major themes and multiple viable decks featuring that region.
  • The second and third expansions will each be about half that size (for CotM, that’s 40 cards with 3 champs in both the October and December expansions). These expansions will have a mix of new themes, new mechanics, and evolutions of strategies you encountered in the first expansion.
  • Going forward, every set will add a new champion to each region, and every expansion will contain new cards for each region; however, in a given expansion, some regions will have more cards than others, including champions. By the time the third expansion is released and the set is complete, all regions will have an equal share of champions and near-equal share of other cards.
  • Even when we aren’t adding a new champ to your favorite region, each expansion will offer cards to support classic strategies or introduce new twists on old favorites.

LoR developers have also teased an article by Set Lead Shawn Main that will break down the themes of the Call of the Mountain expansion – it will come out later into the spoiler season.

Stay tuned with us at RuneterraCCG.com for all the news and spoilers, as well as articles containing early breakdowns of the newly revealed champions!


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