BrokenBall’s Day 1 Decks for the Worldwalker Expansion

With so many crazy new archetypes possible with the Worldwalker expansion, Brokenball decided to share the two decks he's the msot excited to play on day 1!

Hello BrokenBall here, today I want to share the 2 new decks I am most excited to try out on Day 1 and I believe both have the potential to be tier 1 and incredibly fun!

Annie’s intended pairing is Jhin but her potential exceeds this combination, she is a great 1 drop with a strong level up that doesn’t have a huge deckbuilding cost. But what gives even more possibilities for deckbuilding is my favorite card in the set, Ravenbloom Conservatory.

This landmark is an amazing card to build around, the fact that its progress is retroactive means that you don’t have to skip an early turn to play it and you can treat it as a 7 drop in the correct build.

The reward you get is Tybaulk which provides a permanent Funsmith effect and a global +1 attack which you very much appreciate in a Piltover deck with this much-staying power, and on top of all of this, you get a 7/6 Overwhelm body.

This is a card you very much want to build around so… My first idea was a BW deck, BW features a lot of good skill effects with Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate and to an extent Riptide Rex, and quite a bit of AoE effects.

While I still believe it is worth experimenting with BW, after talking with SparklingIceT I realized Viktor is one of the best cards to progress this landmark and Annie, not to mention Ballistic Bot.

On top of Viktor, being a good card and having a lot of synergies you also get the amazing PnZ early game, their burn, and resources, basically PnZ provides everything you need for a functioning Ravenbloom Conservatory deck.

So the result is a pretty aggressive build with a lot of staying power, and a surprising amount of reach and interaction, featuring all the classic PnZ early units cards plus Boomcrew Rookie, Legion Saboteur, and Annie to get your landmark online and potentially abuse your Tybulk.

The build can go in many different directions – slower, with flocks and stuns and Iterative improvement to copy the Tybulk and Tibbers, or faster with main-decked Decimates. A lot of optimization and personalization can be done, which is very exciting.

Bard is looking really good and despite his supporting package not being many cards, he can go in many different builds.

Bandle City, PnZ, and Ionia all look like promising pairings and today I wanted to share the Ionia build I am interested in trying and why I am so excited about it.

There are quite a few things Ionia provides that Bard appreciates:

The Bard package features great early game units like Byrd, The Bellringer, and Esmus, Breath Of The World that also provides some high roll potential with a Chime hitting Zed or Navori Highwayman on the curve.

This Bard version is excellent in eventual Bard Mirrors thanks to Will of Ionia and The Maker which generate some insane tempo swings. Furthermore, Greenglade Elder and Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed level up Bard very efficiently compared to other versions.

Some interesting techs include more Elusive units like Greenglade Duo or life-stealing cards like Spirit’s Refuge or Kinkou Lifeblade.

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