Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal Tournament Decklists – Top 8 EU & NA

Check out the best-performing lineups from the playoffs of the Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal Tournament.

Beyond the Bandlewood Season is drawing to a close, and as always, the last weekend of a competitive LoR cycle was marked by the intense competition of the Seasonal Tournament playoffs.

In the EU region, the Czech player BaJAtak won the grand prize with a lineup of Zoe Nami, GP TF Bandle, and Darkness, defeating a well-known UK grinder Spaiikz in the finals (RuneterraCCG readers might also know him as the author on the website!).

On the NA server, it was Ociti who emerged as the winner with Zoe Nami, Draven Sion, and Ziggs Poppy, beating the triple Rally lineup of Kochua (Sivir Demacia, Teemo Poppy, Lulu Zed).

On this page, we’ve collected the lineups brought by the best EU and NA players. Click on the names of the decks below to open up the dedicated pages for each deck, where you’ll be able to inspect and copy the lists.

PlayerDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
BaJAtakBligewaterTargon Zoe NamiBligewater GP TF BandleShadow Isles Darkness
SpaiikzIoniaTargon Zoe Lee SinNoxus Bandle TreeShadow Isles Darkness
QuickwellDemaciaShurima Sivir DemaciaPiltover & ZaunNoxus Draven SionNoxus Poppy Ziggs
BratchedkataIoniaTargon Zoe Lee Sin NoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven SionBligewaterFreljord GP Sejuani
Sergi2VamosTargonPiltover & Zaun Zoe ViNoxus Bandle Tree Shadow Isles Darkness
Mic CheckBligewaterTargon Zoe Nami Noxus Bandle TreeShadow Isles Darkness
PokrovacBligewaterTargon Zoe Nami Bligewater GP TF Bandle Shadow Isles Darkness
HollowIoniaTargon Zoe Lee SinNoxus Bandle TreePiltover & ZaunShadow Isles Ledros Control
PlayerDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
OcitiBligewaterTargon Zoe NamiPiltover & ZaunNoxus Draven SionNoxus Ziggs Poppy
KochuaDemaciaShurima Sivir DemaciaDemacia Teemo PoppyDemaciaIonia Lulu Zed
PixerDemaciaTargon DragonsDemacia Poppy LuluDemaciaShurima Sivir Demacia
SyxtonIoniaTargon Zoe Lee SinPiltover & ZaunNoxus Riven ViBligewaterTargon Soraka Kench
RickdigasIoniaTargon Zoe Lee Sin IoniaShadow Isles Viego IoniaShadow Isles Darkness
StormBligewaterTargon Zoe Nami Noxus Bandle TreePiltover & ZaunNoxus Draven Sion
ParadigmzDemaciaShurima Sivir Demacia Demacia Poppy LuluPiltover & ZaunShadow Isles Ledros Control
ProdigyIoniaShadow Isles Viego ControlNoxus Bandle Tree Piltover & ZaunNoxus Draven Sion

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