Best Sett Decks – LoR Glory in Navori Expansion

In this article, Raphterra features the best Sett decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.


Hey all, Raphterra here again! Yesterday, I published an article featuring the best decks for Jack in Patch 4.3. Today, I’ll be featuring Jack‘s fighting opposition in Glory in Navori, Sett! Sett is a huge success story for the new expansion, with one of his decks arguably being the strongest deck in the current meta. This article covers Sett‘s best decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.

Sett is mainly used as a control champion with Karma in a pairing that abuses the mana refill of Coins in the late game. This champion pairing sees play in several region combinations just because of it’s raw power level. I’ll be showcasing several iterations of Sett Karma, as well as some experimental brews that pair Sett with other champions.

Let’s begin!

Sett Karma P&Z

First on our list is the current king of the meta: Sett Karma P&Z. This deck should come as no surprise to anyone who has been playing regularly in the current patch. In my opinion, Karma Sett P&Z is currently the strongest deck in the game. This combo/control deck has been dominating the ranked ladder since Day 1, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Karma Sett decks almost always win from Turn 10 onwards, and the rest of the cards in the deck focus on helping it survive until the late game. Piltover & Zaun provides this archetype with several early removal tools such as High Note, Mystic Shot, and Aftershock. Caustic Riff is another key board removal spell that gives this deck an edge over Samira Fizz Elusives. Augmented Clocking also helps the deck secure Karma or Sett for the late game.

The decklist above is the most successful version of Karma Sett, which allowed Spaiikz to reach Top Masters in the EU server. It’s worth noting that Spaiikz doesn’t include copies of Formula in his build, but personally, I prefer to have 2 copies of P&Z‘s premium draw spell.

Sett Karma Freljord

Moving on, we have Karma Sett‘s Freljord iteration! Freljord boasts strong ramp cards like Winter’s Touch and Wild Mysticism, which allow this deck to reach Turn 10 faster. This enables Karma and Sett to start causing havoc earlier than usual, giving the deck a significant advantage in the Sett Karma mirror, as well as against slow control matchups like Jack Seraphine, Darkness, and Deep.

Freljord also offers access to spells that can help you stall out, such as Icevale Archer, Avalanche, Flash Freeze, and Harsh Winds. A noteworthy inclusion in this list is The Old Timer, which can blow out opposing boards in the late game. However, one weakness I noticed when comparing Freljord to P&Z is the lack of consistency in drawing champions for the late game. Outside of Place Your Bets, Freljord Ionia doesn’t offer many draw options.

놈는리걸암’s Sett Karma Shadow Isles

Now, let’s take a look at a Shadow Isles variant of Karma Sett that was piloted by 놈는리걸암 in Masters with a 61.1% winrate in 36 games. Shadow Isles shares similarities with P&Z, providing access to several cards that are great for stalling the game out until the late game.

This particular build includes Ceaseless Sentry and Quietus for early game control, while I also believe that some copies of Soul Harvest could be a great addition. As for mid-game control options, Vengeance and Ruination are always solid choices, while Eradication can help you clear out early, wide boards from Samira decks.

Sett Karma Targon

Sett Karma Targon will be the final variation of the notorious Ionian champion pair in this article. The decklist above is the most successful build of this variation, with a 52.4% winrate in 42 games. Although it’s not performing as well as some of the other variations, this version is very enjoyable to play with because of its control and stall capabilities, especially with Targon’s new follower, Cosmic Youngling. Additionally, invokes from Solari Priestess and Starshaping provide the deck with flexible options for the mid to late game.

Experimental Champion Brews

After discussing all the established variations of Karma Sett decks, let’s take a look at some experimental brews that I stumbled upon while going through the stats. However, keep in mind that the sample sizes for these builds are still low, and they would need more testing and optimization to be reliable.

Sett Senna

The first build we have is Sett Senna, boasting a respectable 63.2% winrate in 19 games. This is a classic Shadow Isles control deck that makes use of Senna‘s Darkness to control the board while reliably progressing Sett‘s level up. Senna‘s ability to use slow-speed spells at fast speed shines in this archetype, and spells like Soul Cleave, Eradication, and Piercing Darkness become powerful threats when Senna is on board.

Sett Viego

Following Sett Senna is another Shadow Isles control deck, Sett Viego! This version uses Viego and Invasive Hydravine as alternative late-game payoffs. Ionia‘s protective spells have always worked well with Viego, and Tag Out! can be especially impactful when played alongside Viego on Turn 6. Sett is a unit that usually draws hard removal, which would then pave the way for Viego in the late game.

Sett Shen Jarvan

Lastly, we have a midrange brew, Shen Sett Jarvan! This build shows a promising 73.1% winrate in 26 games. Most Sett decks typically lean towards the control playstyle, so it’s refreshing to see some midrange variants succeeding. Sett‘s Challenger and Barrier keywords automatically give him synergy with Shen. Jarvan IV, Sacred Protector, and Champions’ Strength are high-cost cards that help to progress Sett‘s level up and enable the generation of Show Stopper.

Closing Words

That concludes our discussion for now! I think that Sett has a lot of untapped potential when it comes to champion pairings and region combinations. However, other champion pairings are currently being overshadowed by the overwhelming success of Karma Sett. Given that Karma and Sett are already such a powerful combination in Ionia, it can be a challenge to create Sett decks that don’t feel like inferior versions of Karma Sett.

I’m anticipating that Karma Sett will be nerfed in Patch 4.4, which might open up new opportunities for Sett in other decks. Hopefully, we’ll see more Sett brews come to light after that happens!

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter!

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