Best Seraphine Decks – LoR Patch 3.17 – Darkin Saga: Domination

Seraphine's beautiful voice has been heard by the community. The champion has been crushing the ladder and Sorry is here to share the best Seraphine decks out there.

Seraphine has been one of the best performers since the release of Patch 3.17. The champion’s unique playstyle, along with her powerful supporting cards, has landed her in a couple of strong archetypes.

One card that has been present in different Seraphine decks is Fanclub President. The unit’s ability to manifest a 5 mana-cost spell and reduce it down to 2 mana synergizes perfectly with Seraphine.

Today’s article will feature five of the best Seraphine decks so far. Let’s get started!

Ezreal Seraphine Noxus

Ezreal Seraphine (NX) is currently the most-played deck on the ranked ladder. The deck’s ability to control the board with its removal cards and set up a late-game burn plan with Ezreal and Seraphine has quickly landed it a spot as one of the best decks out there.

Early on in the game, you’ll need to focus on removing pesky units off the board while working on leveling up both of your champions. Ravenous Flock and Disintegrate are cheap and powerful removal cards that help advance the level-up of your champions.

Seraphine should be easier to level up and start gaining value from. She could also assist in turbo-boosting Ezreal with her double-cast ability. Once both leveled-up champions are on the board, you’ll be able to burn down your opponent quickly. If activated, The Violent Dischord is an extremely powerful trigger for Ezreal with the double cast.

Viktor Seraphine Ionia

Viktor Seraphine Ionia doesn’t have the burn capabilities of the Ezreal Noxus version, instead, it focuses on out-valuing the opponent late game and working on pumping Viktor with keywords until he becomes a win condition.

The Ionia region offers protection tools like Ionian Tellstones, Twin Disciplines, and Nopeify! to keep Viktor and Seraphine alive. The longer Viktor sticks on the board, the more problematic he’ll become for your opponent.

Despite its high cost, the Back Ally Bar has a lot to offer in the deck. A 3|3 unit on the board, a randomly generated card, and mana cost reduction on your new spells. Combined with Viktor’s ability to reduce the cost of created cards, you’ll be capable of playing a lot of cards in one turn, making it difficult for your opponent to keep up.

Viktor Seraphine Shadow Isles

The Shadow Isles version is similar to the Ionian version in that it uses Viktor as a late-game win condition and Seraphine to outvalue the opponent.

However, it lacks the protection tools that Ionia offers and instead takes advantage of Shadow Isles’ spells like Quietus, Vile Feast, and Unspeakable Horror as cheap spells to advance Seraphine’s level up. Vengeance acts as your strong removal tool for key units that are crucial for your opponent’s game plan.

Ferros Financiar offers late-game spell cards that can be useful depending on the scenario.

As of the writing of this article, both versions are hovering around the same win rate (52%). However, players seem to favor playing the Ionia version, even adding Karma and cutting one Viktor in their list.

Akshan Seraphine

Akshan Seraphine has a unique playstyle and game plan compared to the other versions of Seraphine.

In the early game, you need to set up your Warlord’s Palace on the board as soon as possible with either Akshan or Vekauran Vagabond. Leveling up Akshan and summoning the Warlord’s Hoard comes next! The Darkin Bloodletters comes in handy to advance your landmark condition.

As you work on your landmark advancement, leveling up Seraphine is a must before you play the newly created Sintenel’s Hoard from Warlord’s Hoard. A leveled-up Seraphine will double-cast Sintenel’s Hoard, giving you additional card draw and mana cost reduction.

Your win condition is to set up an Overwhelm attack with The Absolver. Seraphine can trigger both The Absolver and Absolver’s Resolve twice, creating a pretty buffy unit ready to slam the opponent’s Nexus. If that’s not enough to end the game, Curse of the Tomb will double the damage of your Overwhelm unit if it’s blocked. Now ready to seal the deal and move on to the next game!

Keep in mind that if you get another Sentinel’s Hoard, you’re still able to benefit from the double-cast Seraphine if you choose any choice other than the one you’ve already played. For example, if you choose Shield of the Sentinels, you can get +4|+4 on your champions.

Viktor Seraphine Shellfolk

The Seraphine Bandle City has an insane ability to outvalue the opponent. Cards like Choncologist, Curious Shellfolk, and Seraphine make sure you don’t run out of cards to play.

Curious Shellfolk along with the Prank cards can copy cards from your opponent’s hand at a cheaper mana cost. At the same time, it makes it difficult for them to play their cards while also setting up for future plays with the cards you obtain.

This forces your opponent to commit resources to deal with Curious Shellfolk or they’ll end up losing the late game.

Although your main game plan is to outvalue your opponent, Glorious Evolution allows you to switch to an elusive win condition with the assistance of Daring Poros. Poro Cannon sets up elusives on the board, and with the Glorious Evolutions effect, you’ll be able to buff those Poros up and can potentially close out the game.

During all that commotion, the Viktor wincondition is still present and can set up strong attacks in the late game.

Closing Words

Seraphine has established her spot in the meta as one of the strongest champions in the game. She has caught some heat from the community due to the randomness factor that plays into her decks, Fanclub President is the greatest culprit.

Ezreal Seraphine is currently the best version of a Seraphine deck out there. It has been dominating the ladder and even seeing a lot of play in the tournament scene.


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