Best Samira Decks – LoR Glory in Navori Expansion

In this article, Sorry covers the best Samira decks so far in Glory in Navori Expansion!

The release of Patch 4.3 Glory in Navori expansion has introduced several new decks to the current meta in Legends of Runeterra. As players continue to experiment with the newest champions, Samira, Sett, and Jack, they seek to find the best-performing decks in the game.

The Standard format has altered the playing field, with several staple decks being removed, opening up the space for lesser-known archetypes to shine on the ranked ladder

So far, Samira has proved to be the strongest of the three. Her ability to put early pressure on the board has landed her a spot in different archetypes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Samira decks that have been finding success on the ranked ladder.

Note: all decks are for the Standard format.

Fizz Samira

Fizz Samira created by Sorry • last updated 5 months ago

Fizz Samira is regarded by many as one of the best decks in the current meta. The elusive Samira deck has the highest play rate on the ranked ladder and a solid win rate.

A part of the community has been calling for immediate nerfs to this deck, labeling it a Tier 0 archetype similar to the old Fizz Twisted Fate deck. Many players have already reached the Master rank using this archetype and it’s become a popular choice in tournament lineups.

The deck’s elusive setup enables players to establish a potent aggressive board, with Father Fury, Fizz, and Wiggly Burblefish among the key elusive units. Samira’s objective is to pick off pesky units with the challenger from her Flair while also providing a trigger for units like Fizz and Fleet Admiral Shelly. Additionally, a leveled Samira can activate Rally, which allows you to attack a second time and potentially end the game.

Since the deck runs a lot of cheap cards, you’ll end up running out of value fast. This is where Inferna and Barbed Chain play a role in keeping the engine running, ensuring that you have more options to play.

Samira Pantheon

Samira Pantheon has been holding up well on the ranked ladder. This deck features Fated units like Saga Seeker and Wounded Whiteflame, which benefit from being targeted, increasing their stats, and becoming problematic if left unanswered.

Your main objective is to target a unit once every turn to work on Pantheon’s level-up. Cards like Samira, Lunari Cultist, Rune Squire, and Wandering Shepherd give you the ability to target one of your units. The Darkin Lodestone and The Darkin Ballista allow you to target units, and you can later benefit from their Darkin form.

Pantheon acts as your main win condition; his level-up grants him five different keywords, which turn him into an immediate threat on the board. Keywords like Spell Shield, Elusive, and Challenger can change up the pace of the game and start damaging the opponent’s Nexus.

You’re able to set up alternate win conditions with cards like Camphor, the Doubt or Horazi. Camphor, the Doubt is an Overwhelm unit with challenger and spell shield keywords—three important keywords that help you set up a powerful Overwhelm attack.

Finally, although Samira acts as a supporting champion early on in the game, if she’s left unanswered, she can level up and activate Rally, allowing Overwhelm units to go for another attack.

Samira Leona

Leona Samira Kayle created by Sorry • last updated 5 months ago

Samira Leona is an aggressive version that wants to end the game as fast as possible before the opponent sets up their game plan. This isn’t a new concept, it first started as a Katarina Leona, then changed into Kayle Leona. Now players are experimenting with Samira in this archetype.

This deck wants to swarm the board with cheap units like Crimson Pigion, Legion Saboteur, Solari Soldier, and Solari Shieldbreaker. Stun units such as Solari Sunhawk and Leona can render a blocker useless, allowing you to set up stronger attacks.

A leveled Leona with a Rahvun, Daylight’s Spear on the board can be a nightmare for the opponent. Rahvun’s “It’s always Day for us” ability lets you activate Leona’s stun multiple times, setting up a stronger swing.

Moreover, Might and Noxian Fervor allow you to sneak in damage toward the Nexus, providing that little damage you need to destroy the opponent’s Nexus.

Samira Swain

Swain Samira created by Sorry • last updated 6 months ago

With Twisted Fate rotated out, Samira quickly picked up the torch, keeping the Swain Bilgewater archetype alive. The deck also lost Ravenous Flock, an important removal tool that accelerates Swain’s level up.

Swain’s Fearsome keyword can make it a challenge for your opponent to block him. If Swain is allowed to damage the Nexus, he’ll push additional damage and potentially wipe out the opponent’s board. The addition of All Out in the deck provides a tool that can either be used offensively or defensively. Keeping either Swain or Leviathan alive can change the course of the game in your favor.

The Leviathan, along with Swain, can set up a slow Nexus burn and stun lock two of your opponent’s units. This paves the way for a more powerful swing in your upcoming attack phase. Stylish Shot can also activate Swain’s ability, letting you burst stun one of your opponent’s units.

Finally, Riptide Rex‘s Cannon Barrage can destroy the opponent’s board and sneak Nexus damage. Daring Demolisher can reactivate Riptide Rex’s Cannon Barrage, providing more value from him.

Samira Sejuani

This is an aggressive Overwhelm deck that depends on early unit damage before transitioning to Overwhelm-based damage to destroy the Nexus.

Samira’s Flair challenges and strategically eliminates units, allowing Overwhelm units like Dashing Dandy and Iron Balista to survive through the attack phase.

Sejuani imposes an immediate threat, killing a unit with her Valnrauble ability while also dealing Nexus damage.

Decisive Manoeuvre is your strongest play. You’ll need to set up a board of Overwhelm units and cast Decisive Manoeuvre during your attack phase. The stun will remove a blocker, allowing for more Overwhelm damage to go through. Additionally, the Power buff on all of your units can be enough to end the game.

Closing Words

Fizz Samira remains one of the strongest decks out there and has been a popular choice in the tournament scene.

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