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Best Norra Decks – LoR The Darkin Saga: Awakening Expansion

Our picks for the best Norra decks in the Legends of Runeterra The Darkin Saga: Awakening expansion.

Hi everyone, welcome to our Champion Guide covering the cute touch of the lastest expansion: Norra. If you have been following social media surrounding Legends of Runeterra, you might have noticed Norra is on the more quiet side of things, the spotlight currently being on the Improvise units and their synergy with Concurrent Timelines.

However, it doesn’t mean Norra has nothing to offer either. This champion does feature decks above 50% win rate, and other builds that look like a promising work in progress so far. In this guide, we are discussing all these decks looking to build around the latest Yordle champion, cover the best decks with Norra, and decks that might be good to keep an eye on in the future.

Norra Nami

Nami Norra created by den • last updated 1 year ago

First deck on our list is Nami Norra, the best performing deck for the new champion so far, with a 53% win rate. Alongside Curious Shellfolk, the trio can play with two completely different play patterns:

Against slower opponents, the deck will look to maximize the potential of each of its win conditions. In this scenario, Norra and Nami are contributing to the onboard pressure, with the former helping to go wide and the latter growing units to go tall. Curious Shellfolk helps with managing our hand resources and makes sure the opponent is forced to get our nexus to 0 for the win, as the outvalue plan is not available.

Against faster opponents, we just want to play for tempo and let both of our champions help with fighting for the board. Curious Shellfolk is more of a distraction in these matchups, and we should be aiming to use Wiggly Burblefish and Mind Meld as our primary win condition rather than look for unnecessary value.

For what it’s worth, this deck is very satisfying to play, while being almost impossible to run out of resources. If you enjoyed Nami Twisted Fate or Bandle piles feeling impossible to out value in the past, you might want to give this one a try. Twisted Fate could also be worth trying in the deck, if you want some more defensive power.

Norra Viego

Norra Viego created by den • last updated 1 year ago

Figuring out that Norra needs to be paired with synergies that aims to summon created units was quite easy, and Shadows Isles quickly felt like a good second region to fulfil this requirement. Despite that, knowing which champion in the region would be best required a bit more time. So Far, Maokai and Elise have also been teaming up with Norra, but Viego seems to be the best option at the end of the first week of play, as the deck’s 51.8% win rate is much better than Maokai or Elise’s score.

If I had to describe it, I would say this deck is on the grindier side of things, as both Norra and Viego are great in the long run. As a result, the big emphasis when playing Norra Viego should be to stabilize the early game, making sure the opponent can’t rush us down before we get going with our synergies.

The list presented here appears to be one of the best performing ones, and I like the flexibility of Stress Defense a lot, as the card helps both for offensive or defensive purposes. I could easily see cards like Whitering Wail or a third copy of Quietus find their way into the deck, though, as a way to reinforce the defensive side if you face a lot of Pirates, for example.

Norra Karma Yuumi

Bandle and Ionia together have always been a very volatile duo in my book. Both regions are great at developing some value and extending games, but tend to struggle when it comes to removing opposing units from the board. Well, this deck seems to fit this bill perfectly, as Norra and Karma both push for the game to last as long as possible.

Overall, both Norra and Karma look to do the same thing: Lock down the game to somewhat of a stalled position, and use their passive abilities to emerge victorious from this situation. However, we can’t just start the game with the intent of being passive and hope the opponent will have a similar gameplan. Most of the time, it is important to make sacrifices, so we can reach this stalemate and then make use of our champion’s passive abilities.

Naturally, Norra being much cheaper than Karma, she will often serve as the bait to distract the opponent from our nexus, and allow Karma to be played in a good setup. If you are close to Norra’s level up though, it can be good to do the opposite pattern, and use Karma as the distraction, buying yourself enough time to make sure you find that last created units.

The deck isn’t performing so well so far, posting a 48.3% win rate. It feels that the flexibility of the previous entries on our list are allowing them to perform much better on the ladder. However, in a tournament set up, where we can ban a problematic deck, I wouldn’t surprised to see Norra and Karma be a problem for most lineups that aren’t looking to be the aggressor early in the match.

The Most Played Norra decks

While the first 3 decks on our list were separating themselves from the pack through their performances, this last section will focus on the currently most played decks with Norra, so we can have a better grasp of the Yordle when the sample size is bigger.

Spoiler: It’s not so good.

Lulu Norra: 40.5% Win Rate

Reminiscent of the Lulu Swarm decks that have been popular in the past, alongside Jinx for the most popular one, this deck looks to add Norra’s Mysterious Portal into the mix. The big problem I have with the deck, and the way it is built as well, is that it looks to be balanced. For a deck that is far from competing for the highest win rate in the game, I believe we should be looking for more high roll in the way we approach the game.

Ferros Financier for example, is a good card, but looks to be too slow for a deck that isn’t aiming at reaching the later stages of the game. More copies of the Yordle Captain, or maybe going crazy and playing Treasured Trash might be more suited to the deck’s playstyle.

Norra Bard: 40.3% Win Rate

Bard just hasn’t been the same since its nerf during the month of July, and this deck doesn’t look to be able to help the champion back to its former glory. The big issue with this deck is that not everything “clicks” together. We have a low curve, ranging from turn one with Byrd, the Bellringer to the Yordle Captain, aiming at taking over the board and pressuring the opponent.

On the other end, there is Bard and Maduli, The Gatekeeper, which feel a bit slow in this mix. Obviously, they help with being able to compete for more rounds, keeping the deck relevant in the late game. However, I feel like this should be Norra’s role in the deck, who would help with summoning units, so our board continues to be threatening.

Because we have Norra in this role already, we probably want to play cheaper options as support compared to Maduli. Maybe Conchologist for flexibility or Aloof Travelers to dig in our deck to find the boons.

Norra Evelynn: 40.4% Win Rate

Norra Evelynn  created by den • last updated 1 year ago

The Husks summoned with Evelynn synergy are looking great in order to level up Norra quickly. Despite that, the bigger problem with this deck is managing to survive through the early game, considering most of our units are on the lower end of the statistics spectrum.

Out of the three decks in this section, Evelynn Norra is the one suffering the most from the current popular decks. Whether it is Pirates, Kindred Nasus or Elise Gwen Katarina to name a few, the majority of the dominants builds are looking to build some pressure and force the opponent into a reactive stance.

Unfortunately for the Evelynn Norra archetype, this is a situation that is difficult to navigate, and the build would rather play in a more passive early game. The deck does have its believers though, and Raphterra wrote a guide about his climb to the Diamond rank with the deck, so feel free to check it out for a different take on Evelynn Norra here.

Closing Words

The current situation around Norra is a bit intriguing to say the least. All the most played decks with the champion are posting very disappointing results. On the other hand, there are a few archetypes well above the 50% win rate threshold, but those don’t seem to pick up in popularity.

Based on these stats, one can see the glass either half full, or half empty. The first conclusion could be that Norra isn’t so easy to figure out, and the most popular decks, although disappointing, led to finding better builds down the line. The other way to look at it is that the better deck are posting positive win rate because the sample size still is quite small and hide those deck’s weaknesses better than the popular builds.

Whether you believe the first or the second option is up to you. There is still a lot of Legends of Runeterra to be played this season, so Norra can still turn things around, and maybe the best archetypes hasn’t even been figured out yet.

Want to share your take on how to build around Norra? Think you have found the deck that will be meta defining? Feel free to join us and share it on our community Discord!


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