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Best Kai’Sa Decks – LoR Forces From Beyond Expansion

Our picks for the best Kai'Sa decks in the Legends of Runeterra Forces from Beyond expansion.

With the release of the Forces From Beyond expansion, we’ve had many new archetypes to test around with. Today, I’ll be focusing on Kai’Sa the daughter of the Void! Her unique ability to copy her allies’ keywords has quickly proven how powerful Kai’Sa can be in different archetypes.

Important to note, that at the time of writing this article, all versions of Kai’Sa Demacia are dominant in the meta and considered the best! The rest of the decks in the article are different lists where Kai’Sa is paired with regions other than Demacia but overall are not as solid as the Demacia version.


I’ll showcase five different decks that run Kai’Sa as their main gameplan.

Mono Kai’Sa Demacia

Mono Kai’Sa is currently the most popular version out there. The community has decided that this version is the strongest and most consistent.

Your early game plan is to work on leveling Kai’Sa while making sure you position yourself well on the board. The list runs a lot of units that have unique keywords that will help level your champion and grant handy keywords to Void Abomination.

For example, Blinding Assault provides the Challenger and Scout keywords, two keywords that can turn Kai’Sa into a nightmare mid-game. It also allows you to dish out a lot of damage once you’ve played Supercharge.

In the late game, Void Abomination will dominate the game. Scout, Overwhelm, and Quick Attack are all you need to threaten to end the game.

The list also runs Rite of Calling, which increases our odds of finding Kai’Sa, and since she’s the only champion in the deck, we’ll be drawing her with Rite of Calling 100%.

Kai’Sa can be troublesome to deal with once she sets up on the board. Her damage ability paired with Quick Attack means she’ll survive any unit choosing to block her. At the same time, Second Skin is important to pick up a keyword that advances your game plan. Overwhelm and Scout keywords are usually what you’re looking for on Kai’Sa.

Kai’Sa Sivir

Sivir Kai’Sa DE is the second most popular version out there! It currently holds the highest win rate on the ranked ladder.

The main difference between Mono Kai’Sa and Sivir Kai’Sa is obviously the addition of Sivir as a second champion, this means the list has to cut Rite of Calling. Sivir Kai’Sa doesn’t need to run Belvethi Elder in the deck either since Sivir can fill in the role by providing her own Spell Shield. Spell Shield is an important keyword to trigger Evolve and level up Kai’Sa, it also gives an additional layer of protection for Void Abomination.

Sivir can be problematic to deal with on turn four, as her Spell Shield and Quick Attack make her a difficult champion to kill and capable of forcing unfavored blocks.

Check out our in-depth guide on the deck, which includes deck breakdown, how to play the deck, matchups and mulligan guide.

Akshan Kai’Sa

Akshan Kai’Sa was regarded as the top Demacia version early on in the meta. After the community tested with different lists, the Akshan version fell off in play rate and win rate compared to Mono Kai’Sa and Sivir Kai’Sa.

That isn’t to say that the Akshan version is awful, in fact, it’s still holding a positive win rate on the ranked ladder and it definitely has its fans.

There isn’t much difference in this list from the other two, Akshan offers the Warlord’s Palace. Once the landmark’s condition is fulfilled, you’ll get a predict+card draw and a leveled-up Akshan will summon Walord’s Hoard. Warlord’s Hoard can be crucial for additional draw and mana cost reduction on the cards in your hand or can provide a Spell Shield and +2|+2 to your champions on the board.

Evelyn Kai’Sa

Evelyn Kai’Sa unites the strengths of both new champions. With your capability to summon many Husks on the board, it should be a breeze to level up Kai’Sa. You’ll have access to many unique keywords on the board and can decide which fits best in a specific scenario to play Second Skin on.

Evelyn can be quite bothersome for your opponent to deal with until Kai’Sa is ready to hit the board. The additional stats your units will gain from Husks will also empower your board especially if Domination is set up and buffing up your Husks.

Void Blaster can be a nuisance once Evolve is triggered. The additional stats along with the Overwhelm keyword can deal a good amount of damage to the opponent’s Nexus.

Pantheon Kai’Sa

This version heavily relies on Pantheon‘s keywords to set up Kai’Sa and Void Abomination. You won’t be able to level up Kai’Sa unless you manage to have a leveled up Pantheon on the board.

Work on leveling Pantheon up as soon as possible and the two partners can take over the game. Kai’Sa copying Pantheon’s keywords with Second Skin will put a lot of board pressure on your opponent.

Important to note, that if Pantheon requires one more trigger to level up, playing Second Skin on him will level him up first then copy the new generated keywords over to Kai’Sa! This is important to avoid wasting a card for his level up.

Void Abomination will be destructive once it hits the board. Having keywords like Overwhelm and Barrier guaranteed and anything generated by Pantheon will be a bonus!

Shen Kai’Sa

Shen Kai’Sa takes the Barrier keyword to a whole new level. You’re able to turbo-level your Shen and turn your units into a threat that needs to be answered.

Kinkou Student can be problematic for your opponent to deal with as the generated Barriers provide an extra layer of protection. Greenglade Caretaker can push a lot of damage when buffed up and combined with Supercharge.

Tasty Faefolk is important to give a bit of survivability mid-game with the life steal and the keyword can come in handy once you drop Void Abomination.

Viktor Kai’Sa

Viktor Kai’Sa is an aggressive style deck that can go a bit wide on the board with Zaunit Urchin, Boon Baboon, and Flame Chompers!

Viktor generates keywords with Hex Core Upgrade, helping level up Kai’Sa and creating the perfect target for Kai’Sa’s Second Skin to copy its keywords.

Mystic Shot and Get Excited! can be burn tools to help close out the game if needed or even remove pesky units that advance your opponent’s game plan.

Closing Words

Kai’Sa has proven to be a solid champion with her unique ability, she can be overwhelming for your opponent to deal with, especially with Supercharge’s Spell Shield protection.

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