Best Jack Decks – LoR Glory in Navori Expansion

It has been over a week since Jack joined LOR's champion roster. Join Raphterra as he showcases Jack's best decks in Patch 4.3.


Hi there, it’s Raphterra back again! Legends of Runeterra‘s second exclusive champion, Jack, was highly anticipated by the community with the release of the Glory in Navori expansion. In this article, we’ll be covering Jack‘s top-performing decks in Patch 4.3.

Jack‘s unique card package involves generating Coins and utilizing them to play out multiple high-cost cards in a single explosive turn. However, his most successful decks only use him as a reliable midrange card and rarely feature him as the primary win condition. Hopefully, with updates throughout the year, we’ll see Jack emerge as a true win condition. But for now, he remains a solid, independent unit for the mid-game.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive into the list!

WW CameronHanzo’s Jack Seraphine

First on our list is WW CameronHanzo‘s Jack Seraphine deck, which he used to climb to Top Masters with an impressive 75% winrate over 72 games. This archetype is currently the most popular and successful deck for Jack, as he proves to be a challenging unit to deal with on Turn 4. He can generate coins, deal direct Nexus damage with the Brash keyword, or absorb expensive removals, providing a significant advantage for the player.

Jack rarely levels up in this deck, and its main win conditions for the late game are Seraphine and Mischievous Marai. Seraphine‘s ability to double-cast cheap spells is an excellent way to amplify Mischievous Marai‘s Powder Kegs, making for incredible board control. Some variations of this archetype even go all-in on the Warning Shot burst lethal win condition. Augmented Clockling‘s Predict effect makes it easier for players to search out their late-game win conditions.

Jack Seraphine is considered one of the top-tier decks in the current meta, showing promising results not only on the ladder but also in gauntlets and tournaments.


Next on our list is a different variation of the Jack P&Z archetype, the Jack Nami P&Z! APAC‘s DSKINPISKCOOL achieved an incredible winrate of 92.3% in 26 games using this decklist. This Jack Nami brew utilizes Elusive units from Bilgewater P&Z to deal direct Nexus damage in the mid-game. Even without leveling up, Jack can sometimes grow to high power levels thanks to Nami‘s buff effect.

Players can win multiple games through attacking, but the deck also features Mischievous Marai and Mystic Shot as an alternate burn win condition. Mischievous Marai has been seeing play in several meta decks, and it seems that this is only the start of her reign at the top of the meta. It’s possible that she may be one of the prime nerf candidates in the upcoming balance update.

Jack Sett

Jack Sett may have seemed like the obvious champion pairing for Glory in Navori, but this combination ended up being one of the lowest winrate decks in the game. While both champions have the ability to generate coins, their card packages don’t synergize much with each other. The King’s Court is an interesting card, but setting up wins with its Prize Fights can be a slow process.

If you’re interested in playing with Jack or Sett, you may be better off trying out their other decks. Sett synergizes more with Karma, who is already in Ionia. Jack is usually better off as an independent, high-statted unit in midrange or control Bilgewater decks.

However, if you’re still determined to play with both champions, here’s my recommended decklist. I played this list earlier in the season and ended with a 62.5% winrate in 16 games. The deck usually wins by setting up The King’s Court, then using coins to play out Nukkle or Bout Security in the late game.

Jack Norra

Moving on to the next deck, we have Jack Norra! This caught my eye when browsing through the stats, boasting an impressive 69.4% winrate in 62 games. This unique list utilizes Wiggly Burblefish to trigger The King’s Court repeatedly, and uses the generated Prize Fights as spell casts for Fleet Admiral Shelly.

Along with The King’s Court, the deck features several new cards from Glory in Navori. These include Father Fury, Five-Punch Pablo, Pie Toss, and Barbed Chain. Personally, I believe that Barbed Chain is one of the strongest cards in the new set. It will likely be a go-to choice for decks that can reliably trigger Plunder.

If you enjoy playing Samira Fizz Elusives, this deck might be worth giving a try!

RickoRex’s Jack Udyr

Next up, we have a special deck from RickoRex: Jack Udyr. RickoRex used this deck to reach Masters this season. He put in plenty of effort to iterate the deck through hundreds of games until he landed on this build. In his last 30 games to Masters, he had an impressive winrate of 76%.

The deck’s strategy is straightforward. It uses Udyr‘s Stance Swaps and Bone Club to make big units and hit the opposing Nexus. By using Five-Punch Pablo‘s Prize Fight on Udyr, you can generate or discount Stance Swaps. This makes it easier to level up Udyr in a timely manner.

RickoRex usually likes to run champions with Overwhelm, but Jack‘s Brash keyword can function similarly against low-health boards. Ram Stance can reduce the health of units on board and create space for Jack to deal direct Nexus damage.

Closing Words

That’s all for now! With balance changes scheduled for May, followed by the release of a new set in June, there’s a chance that we’ll see changes that could make Jack a more prominent win condition in these decks.

This could come in the form of buffs to Jack‘s followers. Maybe even the introduction of new Brash units for Bilgewater. Personally, I think that Jack‘s power level is currently in a good place. However, as a new champion, I would like to see him level up more frequently.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter!

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