Best Fiora Decks – LoR Patch 3.16

In this article, Raphterra goes deep into the numbers and finds the best Fiora decks for Patch 3.16.


Hey there, Raphterra here! Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.16 brought huge changes and impactful buffs to several underpowered champions. In this article, I will cover the best decks for one of the buffed champions in the update: Fiora!

Fiora was thrown to dumpster tier with her health nerf in Patch 2.5, but Patch 3.16 brought her back to relevance! Fiora, now a 4-cost 4/4 unit, leans more into a healthy, solid, midrange challenger instead of a polarizing win condition. She’s now showing up in decks with impressive winrates, and I think it’s safe to say that she’s officially back into Tier 1 status!

Without further ado, let’s get right into the list!

The Cream Of The Crop – Fiora Pantheon

We’re starting off with the best Fiora deck, Fiora Pantheon! This archetype is rocking a high-tier overall winrate of 58% in 9000+ games. The list I chose runs only one copy Iula, and this one has a winrate of 60.2% in 900+ games. I initially made this archetype after the buff to Fiora because I’ve been playing a lot with Pantheon Yuumi in the previous patch. I knew that the deck concept was going to be at least decent, but I didn’t expect the brew I made to reach Tier 1 status.

The Fated archetype already uses equipments, combat tricks, and permanent buffs to trigger Pantheon‘s level up requirements. Fiora is an easy fit for the archetype since she also takes advantage of those tools. You probably won’t level up Fiora in this deck; she’s just a solid unit that will often eat removal spells from your opponents.

Fated Fiora Pantheon is unfavored against Lee Sin decks, but is favored against almost everything else. This is your best pick if you’re a Fiora fan looking to climb the ladder fast!

Another Targon Pairing – Fiora Taric

Following Fiora Pantheon is another Targon-Demacia pairing: Fiora Taric! This archetype has a respectable overall winrate of 51.9% in 1500+ games, with the list I featured having a winrate of 54.7% in 600+ games.

Despite having the same region combination, this deck plays very differently from Fiora Pantheon. Fiora Taric instead shares the same basic gameplan with Taric Poppy: build a wide board, then finish games with Golden Aegis or Relentless Pursuit. Fiora is a fresh alternative to Poppy, as she can allow you to win games even if you don’t have a wide board.

This deck only has a small sample size, but so far it looks like it’s very favored into the top meta deck, Nami Lee Sin. It’s also been doing well against Karma Master Yi, Elise Nocturne, and Taric Poppy. Twisted Fate Swain is a slightly unfavored matchup, and games against Fiora Pantheon are terribly unfavored.

A Timeless Classic – Fiora Shen

With the return of Fiora also comes the return of the classic duo: Fiora Shen. I’m going to be honest; the archetype hasn’t been doing too well with an overall winrate of only 44.9% in 1350+ games. However, I know that there are many fans of this pairing, so I went ahead and tried to find the best decklist for Fiora Shen. The list featured above has a winrate of 51.1% in 88 games. The sample size is small, but this is the best one we have so far.

This version of Fiora Shen completely ignores Sharpsight and instead goes with a combination of two superior combat tricks: Twin Disciplines and Momentous Choice. Ionian Hookmaster is a decent upgrade for the archetype; The Fix-Em 5000 is a great equipment to attach on Challenger units.

Shurima Duelists – Fiora Akshan

Now, we delve into the spice territory! The next two lists have very small sample sizes, but show promising winrates for the limited data that we have. We start with the latest version of Shurima Fiora: Fiora Akshan! The archetype has an overall winrate of only 44.6% in 961 games, but the list above shows some potential with its 57.1% winrate in 35 games.

This looks like a very, very spicy deck! This build looks to simulate the good ol’ Fiora Stand Alone combo, but this time with Buried Armory and Treasure of the Sands instead. Unlike the previous two decks, this one primarily aims to win games with Level 2 Fiora. To reach Fiora‘s alternate win condition, the list has a full set of Single Combat and Desert Duel along with two copies of Concerted Strike.

A deck like this needs to be heavy on predict cards since drawing Fiora is essential for its gameplan. Akshan, Ancient Preparations, Aspiring Chronomancer, and Scrying Sands should allow this deck to consistently find Fiora consistently in every game. In case you’re worried about hard removals, don’t forget that we are in Shurima; two copies of Rite of Negation is the answer!

Cut Them Down – Fiora Master Yi

Closing off my list of the best Fiora decks is another spicy one: Fiora Master Yi! As expected, the archetype’s overall winrate is nothing to be proud of at 40.2% in 1000+ games, but that won’t stop me from finding the best decklist! The version I featured has a respectable winrate of 58% in 50 games.

This time, Fiora ditches Shen for a better win condition in Master Yi. The build is heavy on the equipment synergy with Ionian Hookmaster, Combat Cook, and Momentous Choice. This deck can go for the Fiora win condition, but it doesn’t necessarily need to because of the presence of Master Yi. Improvised equipment make it easier to go for Fiora and Master Yi‘s level up. Both champions also synergize well with the deck’s strike and rally spells: Single Combat, Golden Aegis, and Concerted Strike.

As a champion-centric deck, unit protection is very important! The list has Ionia‘s Deny and Memory’s Cloak to cancel out hard removal spells. Scattered Pod and Deep Meditation are great tools to tutor the spells needed for different situations.

Closing Words

That’s it for the list! When Riot made the announcement that Rotations will be coming to the game, I initially thought that Fiora will be one of the champions rotated out. She seemed to be impossible to balance, but it looks like Riot finally found the perfect spot for the grand duelist!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTube, Discord, or Twitter!

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